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Michael Shawn’s Doing Too Much!

When some one makes it on this list that means “You are Doing too Much!” according to Michael Shawn. Check out why T.I., Popeys Chicken, Chris Brown, Holy Nuns and a few others were highlighted only with DeDe in the Morning.  

Hot Topics With DeDe in the Morning

Chris Brown is catching heat after saying he only dates black women with good hair and light skin, and Nicki Minaj’s mom has a new song! Find out about these Hot Topics and more with DeDe in the Morning  

Chris Brown Is Begging Karrueche To Take Him Back!

Chris Brown is desperately trying to win back the love of his life Karrueche after she broke up with him for fathering a child during their relationship. He’s willing to commit to Kae 100 percent, but on one condition — that she accept his daughter Royalty into her life, learned EXCLUSIVELY. Things between Chris… Read more »

Tamar Braxton Opens Up About Being Bullied And Called A Muppet!

The ladies of the talk show “The Real” talked about being bullied and Tamar Braxton broke down in tears. Co-host, Jeannie Mai, asked Braxton what advice she has for others to help cope or respond directly to bullies. Braxton, whose son Logan turns two in June, immediately began to cry. “I don’t have any advice… Read more »

Chris Brown’s Daughter’s Name Is …

Chris Brown is the father of a 9 month old daughter named Royalty. It’s also being reported that Karrueche was blindsided and she had no idea about the baby until minutes before TMZ posted the story Tuesday afternoon. As for Chris’ involvement … we’re told he calls his baby mama Nia regularly and now says… Read more »

Chris Brown Was Caught Cheating On Karrueche!

Chris Brown was got caught supposedly cheating on his girlfriend Karrueche last weekend. reports that after he left the Supperclub in Los Angeles, his cousin Roc invited two EXOTICAL GIRLS to come back to his house. One of the girls that was invited back to his house exposed Chris for the cheater that he… Read more »

Chris Brown And Karrueche Are Back Together!

Chris Brown is back together with his on/off again girlfriend Karrueche. The two were spotted at a celebrity charity flag football game over the weekend in Los Angeles. They were even pictured all over each other, check out the pics above.

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