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Got To Get That Fixed

Now we know the struggle is real and some times your car might need a little work, but there are certain things you have to get fixed! J.J. is going to let you know if it’s broke it’s time to fix it. Listen with DeDe in the Morning and find out if your ghetto rigged… Read more »

The Credit Slayer with DeDe in the Morning

If you know any thing about credit you know it is important. It’s so important, even jobs look at your credit score! That why DeDe in the Morning wants you to have all the free help you can get. Listen and find out how the credit slayer can help you get your credit score together…. Read more »

Have You Ever Wrecked Two Cars In One Week? [Listen Now]

Dede wrecked two cars in one week and now her husband is not speaking to her! The first accident wasn’t her fault because a lady hit her from behind but the second time she got to close to a concrete pillar in a parking garage and crunched up the back drivers side by the tire!… Read more »

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