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Ash Cash The Financial Guru

What are the best books to read if you want financial wealth? Ash Cash knows and he’s telling you. Find out how to take your money to the next level with DeDe in the Morning.  

WTH You Doing at the Courthouse?!

Lady Jade always gets the best stories when she asks “WTH You Doing at the Courthouse?!” and this story didn’t disappoint either. We have all heard about people putting money on others people’s books for commissary, but have you ever heard of someone taking money off of their books? Listen and laugh with DeDe in… Read more »

Lady Jade’s Bridal Luncheon [Listen Now]

Yesterday Lady Jade had a bridal luncheon with her co-workers from the radio station and she got gag gifts, cook books, toys and sex books. She also got a truth or dare book, so Dede in the Morning made her play truth or dare live on the air! (Listen Below)

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