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The Women To Avoid

DeDe in the Morning wants to help you ladies and men out there, there are certain types of women men should avoid and women should try not to be! Bitter, selfish, materialistic and a few other types. Listen to be sure this isn’t you and be sure you don’t end up with them.  

Social Media and Relationships

Are you addicted to social media? DeDe in the Morning knows she is but now its affecting her marriage! So now DeDe wants to know if social media is good or bad with social media for relationships? It doesn’t have to be the worry of your partner cheating it could be as simple as not… Read more »

Things You Hate to See in Restaurants

Everyone loves to go out to eat until you see something in your favorite food spots that just shouldn’t be there. What is an automatic turn off in restaurants for you? Listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning as they talk about the nasty things they have seen in restaurants.  

The Credit Slayer with DeDe in the Morning

If you know any thing about credit you know it is important. It’s so important, even jobs look at your credit score! That why DeDe in the Morning wants you to have all the free help you can get. Listen and find out how the credit slayer can help you get your credit score together…. Read more »

The Credit Slayer with DeDe in the Morning

Schools don’t teach you any thing about credit and that’s why a lot of people end up with bad credit scores, but the Credit Slayer is here to save the day! Listen with DeDe in the Morning your credit score questions might just get answered…    

DeDe in the Morning and Sneaky Kids

Michael Shawn’s daughter got busted wearing a crop top on Instagram live and when she realized her dad was watching she tried to hide! His daughter knew she was doing something wrong and still tried to sneak around. It got DeDe in the Morning wondering just how sneaky are kids? Listen and laugh at all… Read more »

Are you a”Good Woman or a “Down Chick”?

The definition of a “Good Woman” and a “Down Chick” can be a little unclear. Were you ever a Down Chick, but ended the relationship with regret? A few listeners got to tell DeDe in the Morning and the team some of their stories where they thought they were being good women. Listen and let… Read more »

Having A Bad Morning

Ever had something really bad happen to you early in the morning… and “It ain’t even 10 o’clock yet? ” You’re not the only one. Other listeners had a horrible morning this morning too. [Listen Below]

Having A Bad Day

Ever woke up and everything about your morning was going wrong. Here are some listener who are having a bad day, and its not even 10 o’clock yet! [Listen Below]

I’m Having A Horrible Day

It’s Monday, you know how that is. People seem to hate Monday’s more than any other day of the week. Some of our listeners can’t stand the fact that it’s Monday, on top of that they are having a horrible day! [Listen Below]

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