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T.I Got His Side Chick Pregnant?


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T.I and his wife Tiny are having marital problems and could be headed for a divorce. According to Tiny suspected her husband T.I was cheating so she hired a private detective who uncovered everything. His alleged side piece is an exotical party girl that was a “friend” of Tiny’s. TI had reportedly been tricking off tens of thousands of their family money on her and even bought her a new white Mercedes. When Tiny learned of the betrayal (last November) she tried to save her marriage. The two went to couples counseling and everything. But this weekend, Tiny asked TI for a separation.

Update: received an email from a tipster who alleges that she is an “insider” and has the real scoop about why T.I and Tameka are on the verge of a split. At this time, We can’t confirm whether or not this is really true, but here’s the way it was told to us. Allegedly, over the years, Tip has become very insecure about the comments that people make on social media about Tiny’s physical features. According to this “insider”, Troubleman felt “pity” for Tiny and felt an obligation to stay with her since she has always been his ride-or-die chick. The tipster goes on to say that T.I. has side pieces in both ATL and Los Angeles who he “sponsors”. To make matters worse, Tiny caught wind of Tip’s ATL boo through her loud mouth BFF, Shekinah! The two are said to have met about a year ago and have engaging in all kinds of raunchy shenanigans on the regular. Now, the girl is said to be pregnant and the isht has hit the fan in the Harris household!

  • Tykisha

    Hold your head up Tiny!!

  • Hanna

    Poor tiny…unr in my prayers
    Ti …has lost a

  • Joy

    Dumb niggas with money! Smh…FAMILY hustle yea right..Tiny is smart she will be o.k