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Single Mom Wins Shopping Spree


Do you know a single mom who is in need of help for the holidays? We’ve teamed up with and are giving 40 single mothers $500 shopping sprees to Toys R Us.
This particular mom really needed the assistance…[Listen Below]

7 Responses to “Single Mom Wins Shopping Spree”

  1. Cesiah Martinez

    Hello ,

    Areli is a mother of 4 kids ages of 6,7,12,13
    She is been struggling since 2018 death of her Boyfriend in her home .Traumatic event for her n her kids . She currently lost her home la casa t year and slowly trying to rebuild .She had to stop working this past month do to Youngest son anxiety and mood changes ptsd.Areli would be a great person to receive help if possible

  2. Briana Wilson

    My name is Briana and I’m a single parent and have been for the past five years. My daughter father is in prison and due to that I lost everything the fed destroy everything leaving my daughter traumatized. Relocated to Texas for a new start for me and my daughter.

  3. Tori Glenn

    Hello, My name is Tori and i am a single mother of two. My children deserve the world and me working so much still isn’t enough to make their Christmas a good one. If chosen we would forever be grateful. God bless

  4. Margierina

    I’m a single mother of six kids on disable really need some help this year feel on hard time my number is 4699894188

  5. Marlene Proctor

    Hi my name is Marlene and I have a 15 year old son that’s in high school he doesn’t give me any problems he is an A&B honor roll student he on the dance team all his teachers love him and only have positive things to say about him and he’s very understanding the only problem is I don’t have the money to give the best child in the world a Christmas so I’m praying that I could be one of the 40 single mothers that you guys help thank you for the chance to try to win

  6. Sonia Townsel

    Hi my name is Sonia and I have a 7 year old son who’s father passed a few years back. Since then its been hard for me but ive been maintaining. Around the holidays its gets tough because we miss him very much but I’m not able to give my child a Christmas this year and I really need the help because he is a great kid so hopefully I can be one of the 40 single mothers that gets help thank you.

  7. Jr blake

    My moms name is Anna Blake she works nights doing Uber,door dash,favor, and grub hub she is the most amazing loyal woman and recently quick her job so she’s low on money but she’s doing everything to make her kids happy. That’s why we love her.


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