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Single Mom Wins Shopping Spree


Do you know a single mom who is in need of help for the holidays? We’ve teamed up with and are giving 40 single mothers $500 shopping sprees to Toys R Us.
This particular mom really needed the assistance…[Listen Below]

  • Tieka R Simon

    How do I sign up I haven’t been able to have a Christmas for my kids in 2 years an if I have it’s only one gift a piece I just had a baby so I haven’t been working it’s really been a rough time for me.

  • Lovemeornot Imstillgodchild Ha

    How to sign up Yes I would love to be a single mom winner it’s been 3 years since I been in dallas Texas can’t get no help and 4 years of not being able to get my kids anything they like or wanted for Christmas and they birthday I would really appreciate it if I got something

  • Heather lyday

    How do you sign up for this?

  • Demeatrica

    I’m a single mom of 4 & I could really use this

  • Demeatrica

    I even tried texting k104 to 5000 & nothing happened. I listen to you guys everyday

  • Shannondeidra

    I been texting and everyt
    hing. I can’t get
    nothing or signed up. I’m a single mom of three and taking care of my mom. Please help me desperately in need of help.I been trying since day one when y’all start announcing it.

  • Deisi Licerio

    I really need help too hoping on getting my kids dream toys instead of getting them clothes and looking at their sad faces because I didn’t get them no toys this year. Please help…

  • Brittany McAlister

    I have also tried tha 5000# n got no where, I thought maybe I did it wrong so I hit up the email n still praying I’m heard just as the rest of us single mother’s… I feel some how some way it’s a way we can make sure ALL of us hv a great Xmas n I like to believe y’all’s thoughts r like mine when it comes what WE, as mother’s, want n that’s knowing n seeing our kids eye’s lightin up n smiles on they face✝️♥️✝️ Merry Christmas Queens

  • Mahalia Traylor

    How do I sign up for a chance to win the $500 Christmas shopping spree for my kids…

  • Loren Mendez


  • Yesenia

    Hello ladies, just a tip for those of you who need help. Go to Ijustgothit website once you’re there the instructions are simple😊
    Goodluck to all of us!

  • LeAndra Mariah

    I won the $500 toy shopping spree !!!! Thank God for this blessing ! Thank you k104 and i just got hit. No one has contacted me with the details . I was wondering about that but other than that I am extremely grateful and blessed. God bless all the single mothers out there !

    • Love Nicole

      Congratulations.. how did you find out you where selected??

  • Christina Brooks Ramirez

    Hi my name is Christina Brooks I just trun 22 today and I have 2 kids my daughter She 2 and my son is 6 months old.This will be our first Christmas to get there cause for the 2 year now my daughter was in the hospital for her first Christmas and the second she got take in away from me 3 days before Christmas all because I would not kill my son who was in my stomach at that time. Know that I had my son my daughter was given back to me this month. So now we can spend the Christmas together. Can you please help us have a great Christmas this year. Thank you and have a blessed day💋.

  • Ashley Slaughter

    Hi, my name is Ashley. I will be turning 24 on the 26th of this month, and have a 18 mo. son. I’ve been struggling every since May of this year, lost my job over miscommunication and it’s been hard since then to find a job, not even the fast food places doesn’t want to hire me, and I was thinking what am I going to do for the holidays and that’s when I heard the radio station, and that would be so much of a blessing if we could get picked🙌🙏 thank you

  • Megan Schaefer

    Hi, my name is Megan Schaefer. I am a single mother of three children aged 7, 3 and 2. On the 30th of November, I had to have emergency surgery. I had a hysterectomy at the age of 27. I had to take FMLA leave from work, so therefore I am not getting paid for my time off. This was all extremely sudden, my life feels like it’s falling apart. My children don’t have a single gift under the tree. My oldest child came up to me and said mom, Christmas isn’t about the gifts, it’s about being with family, being thankful and praising God. I got so emotional, and thought, wow, he’s such an amazing kid. My children deserve to have a Christmas, but Im not able to give them one. I’m not one to ask for much, but this would be a blessing to my kids. Thank you K104 and Ijustgothit. Keep doing the amazing things you do. God Bless.

  • Morgan saldana

    My name is Morgan Saldana. I can certainly say 2017 has by far been the worse year I’ve encountered..I’ve lost it all. I lost my husband, my home, my vehicle, my jobs & everything else I’ve known as my life. The worse part is I lost myself this year. However my faith is still in tact along with my sobriety and I thank god for that and my precious innocent children I get to wake up to everymorning. They don’t deserve this, I feel like the worse mom. Though I’m raising them alone and doing the very best I am able I still feel like a failure. My daughter tells me it’s ok mommy I don’t need anything as long as I have you.. she so sweet but that broke my soul. So if there’s any help I can get through any program I am willing to do anything I can to better my future and my kids lives this holiday season.

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