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Single Mom Wins Shopping Spree


DeDe in the Morning and I Just Got Hit. com just blessed another single mom with a $500 shopping spree to Toys R Us. She’s doing her best to raise her children, her story is incredible. [Listen Below]

18 Responses to “Single Mom Wins Shopping Spree”

  1. Keara Gibson

    Hey My Name Is Keara In am a single mom of two wonderful kids I moved Too Texas from Mississippi too get away from a abusive relationship of 6 years When I made my move I left Him and everything behind in lord it has been so hard for use by we are trying our best too get by this will make the second year my kids will not have a great Christmas will you all please find it in your heart too help use out!
    my contact information is or 214-661-0478

  2. Navishecia fuller

    I my name is Navishecia Fuller I’m a single mother of 3 I work as a caregiver not making a lot trying make ends meet its Christmas and I’m stress really bad trying get my girls things they want my girls are 18 12 11 I stay Jacksonville TX it would be a blessing to use your help thank you

  3. Latrishe Crawford

    Hi my name is Latrishe crawford. This year is a real struggle for me I took custody of my nephew since he was 7 months and he’s now 3.I would never sit back and watch a child go into foster care if I can help it. I just was laying off at my job and worrying about next month’s rent. I haven’t been able to even buy I Christmas tree. I knew it would be hard but not this hard. I need help. I have no other kids. Please help me be able to get the things I need for him. His name is Amir.
    My number is 4694879501

  4. Tomika Dawson

    Hello, I have heard about the help for single mom’s I have 4 children and I do not receive any assistance no foodstamps nothing of that kind, I could weave a tale of sadness for you, my now 8 year old daughter had a very rare tumor wrapped around her lower intestine that was killing her, she was 4 then, every 2 years she has to receive an X ray because it corks always come back, I work as much as one Single mom possibly could, and it’s still not enough, I have a 9 month old baby girl, love her with all my being, all if my children, but having a seizure disorder makes it hard too. I have had seizures since I was 15 years old and now I’m almost 40 , but I’m alive. I pray for my babies to have a wonderful Christmas this year. I just wasn’t able to give that to them this year, so I’m reaching out and praying. God Bless you guys for what you do for the Community. My name is Tomika Dawson if needed to be reached 972 302 5268 Be blessed Fam!

  5. misty bustilos

    Hello, my name is Misty Bustillos
    I am a single mother with 4 boys Joey 17, Jacob15, Johnathan 11, and Jace 4
    Last year I got arested for theft and. Spent 98 days in jail trying to get everything my boys needed to start school . I am now on probation I got a job in April and found a small house walking distance from my job becuse I don’t have a car for me and my boys . them in September my job swiched owners and I was termatied for no reason I’m recevimg unemployment and tanf but that is. Only covering a little over half my rent. Looking for a job every day I’m behind $1100 in rent

  6. jasmine

    Lanell moved here from California a few years ago to provide a better environment for her children and to be with her sister who had cancer. Lanell works very hard to provide for her 4 children, but sometimes falls short. Her children wear mostly second hand clothes and shoes. This year Lanell lost her sister, who was one of her main sources of help, to stage 4 breast cancer on the eve of Thanksgiving. Since then, her oldest daughter has been forced to seek psychological help due to depression and anger issues. All of this is going on, I know its wearing on my friend, and I know her younger children sense a problem. I want them to have a great Christmas this year, to show them that inspite of all the sadness, they can still have joy in the holidays. I know its not all about gifts, but its just something to bring smiles on their little faces. They are all girls. Ages: 16, 8, 6, 1.5
    Please help me bring holiday joy by helping my friend with the best Christmas her kids have ever seen. My name is Jasmine, i can be reached @

  7. Antonio Turner

    Hi this is ANTONIO TURNER a SINGLE FATHER of 2 Devante (10) and Asia (8) work at McDonald’s $8.50 an hour… OVERNIGHT!!! having a hard time this year getting presents!!! No help from baby mama because of an incident that happened to my son when he was 3!!! ITS BEEN A STRUGGLE… Got custody and everything by myself doin it all taking them school picking them up just doin tha DADDY THANG!!! Could you please help me!!! Call me 2149957171 asap would greatly appreciate it if possible!!!

  8. Ashley Ain'tfuccn Round Harris

    My name us Ashley Harris I’m 27 I have 2 kids no help no job I’m living with my god sister I been in Dallas for 3 month an I’m trying so hard to find a place an I job for me & my kids I’m from texarkana there is no jobs for felonies so I’m stuck can’t do nothing for myself are my children please help me 4692239876

  9. Latricia Hills

    My name is Latricia. I am a single mother to five kids. The last past two and a half years have been rough for my children and I. We have been homeless. Going from place to place. Now we live in a shelter. We have been living here for four months. My two younger children have a sleep disorder, and it makes it impossible for for them to sleep through the night. I haven’t been able to find work, because of my situation. But I do the best that I can gor all my children. I would love for them to be able to have a wonderful Christmas this year. They are gteat kids and they deseve a break. My youngest son’s birthday is Christmas and I would love for him to have a great birthday and a great Christmas this year. Please help my kids. I can be reached at or 4692540104. Thank You and God Bless!

  10. Jamilya Peoples

    I think my mom , Shavanna, should be nominated for $500 for Christmas because She’s a single mother do 8 small kids (5 girls, 3 boys) she has an overnight job and she tries to her best to do what she can she makes sure we are happy and fed. But I know at times she can’t get everything we might want. So I wanted to nominate her. I love you momma her phone number is 469-709-7085 she don’t know in did this and I hope she wins. All I wanna do is see her smile.

  11. zaquisha

    My name’s Zaquisha, I’m a single mother of two awesome boys who are 4 & 6 I love my babies to life and will do whatever it takes to make this holiday a dream come true!! They make life worth living so why not make this magical day magic. God bless…

    Contact email:

  12. Synatra

    My name is Synatra and I’m a single mother of 3. I recently lost my job and trying to provide Christmas this year is very challenging for me. With your help I know I can finally give my kids the right Christmas. Please contact me at 682-500-9215 thank you have a blessed holiday

  13. Brooklyn Clemmons

    Hello my name is Brooklyn Gray. I am a single mother of only 1 child Miss Miyah Mae. she is 2 years old going on 3 in January. I live in dallas but all my family lives in arkansas. I was adopted when i was 4 because my mother was a teenager not ready for a child so i just met my family in 2011. My mom is a recovering drug addict as well as my father. They have their own situations and cannot help me. I work 40-60 hours a week at a decent paying job. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with a 2 roommates. 1 who has 4 kids that sleep in the living room. I has a job and helps with rent.. the other doesnt but she helps watch my baby while i work. I support the whole household and myself. Its difficult and my daughter asks everday if shes good can santa bring her a frozen car (the electronic one) and a tablet for her learning games. She is the sweetest smartest 2 year old you will ever meet. I want to give her the most amazing christmas. I couldnt last year because we were living in a motel and i was not making enough. I know there are other people out there who are worse off than us but we would love to be considered for some christmas help. Our phone number is 214-723-0478

  14. dianna quiroz

    Hey , my name is Dianna Quiroz . I am a single mom of 4 kids . One of my sons is 16 years old and he is autistic he had a growth deficiency ,he does so good in school . My other son is 9 yrs old he’s the man of the house he trys to help me with his big brother as much as possible my 2 daughters have families of there own so its hard for them to help me most of the times especially with money . Paying for my sons shots he takes to help him grow , its hard to tell the my boys “santa may not come this year and mommy may not have the money “!!! I work 2 jobs and still in all it still doesnt cover all my bills !!! Please help me this christmas …. Our number is (972) -589-1362 thank you and merry christmas to all !!!!!

  15. Monica Cruz


    My name is Monica Cruz, I am a single mom of 3 beautiful girls. This year have had its up”some and downs and I can’t complain. I was without a job for the majority of the year and recently landed a job. Even with having a job the bills just keep coming in and recently was nearly evicted from our apartment, on top of my electricity facing disconnection. It seems like I just can’t catch a break. I would love to give my girls a great Christmas this year but that seems impossible. My girl’s are helpful and they know mommy can’t get them anything and that just breaks my heart. I know Christmas isn’t about gifts I just want to see my kids happy even if I have to go without. Who ever should get the shopping spree I know their children would be happy. My email address is

    Phone number 817 357 7954

    Thank you so much for the opportunity

  16. Antionette hicks

    Hello I’m a single mom of seven in I have no income in no tree my kids know I want be able to give them a good Christmas k104.5 I have 5 boys in two girls I rarely have help but I don’t want to break there hearts please help me make my Lil ones Christmas the best one 8172982524

  17. Misty Cooley

    Hi My name is Misty Cooley and im a single mother of 2 wonderful kids, 12 and 15. I have been divorced for 7 years, I survived a abusive marriage and I left with nothing but my kids so I could get them out of a dangerous situation. Its been struggle but my kids are a big help, November 6, 2015 I lost my job, and I have been applying for a job everywhere, I haven’t been able to get in the Christmas spirit because of whats going on and since I have been divorced my kids have not had a really good Christmas, but they never complain, they know what Christmas is really about, they did not even make a Christmas list because they don’t want to put any pressure on me. My daughter still believes in Santa, how am I going to explain to her why there are no presents from Santa. I really would like them to have a good Christmas this year. Thank you. 940-594-9445


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