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Single Mom Shopping Spree Courtesy of I Just Got


The Holiday season is all about helping others that’s why Justin and David from IJustGotHit.Com teamed up with DeDe in the Morning to help out single mothers. After hearing this single mom’s story we had to help her and her baby! You have to hear the thank you she gave the team, you may shed a tear with her…

33 Responses to “Single Mom Shopping Spree Courtesy of I Just Got”

  1. Tavishi Tanimola

    I have 6 kids I am a single mom. 3 boys 3 girls I would love to win to get help on there Christmas gifts this year. This will be first time me winning on anything. Thanks

  2. Erica Webster

    I have two boys ages 10 and 11 I lost my job and have been looking it’s hard when you’re bye yourself and to see the disappointment on your children’s face when you don’t have it I really need help with the holidays this year

  3. Delisa Cadoree

    I am a single mom with a 15 yr old daughter. I want to do something special for her. Her birthday is coming up on the 26th of November. I would love to do something special for her this Christmas. I love my daughter and she deserve it because she is a honor roll student!

  4. Kia

    I am a single mom of 4 children under the age of 10. I lost my job due to my hours changing and I can’t get my kids from school. By Gods grace my mother helped by allowing us to live with her for awhile. This would be a blessing for my children because I won’t be able to do anything for Christmas.

  5. Jamie Moore

    I am a former foster parent and I have two families that I would like to nominate for this shopping spree. Both families have 3 kids. The first family we had their kids for almost two years and cps thought they was not going to get their kids back and they surprised us and them and worked hard to get back on track and get their kids back. I don’t want to put their business out there but it was bad. They are doing good and got involved in church and are working. They have hard times but we always encourage them to not give up and keep going because their kids are depending on them. The second family is a single mom of 3 and she is struggling but she is doing her best for herself and her kids all by herself working overtime to make sure they have everything they need. We are definitely blessed that we are still able to stay in the kids life and still try to help them out as much as we can. We just let them know we don’t judge but encourage them to be all that they can be and stay on the right track.

  6. Tiara Nelson

    Hello!!! My name is Tiara Nelson!!Im a single parent of 3 handsome boys.I just move to dallas 7 months ago and it hasn’t been so easy. The first month here in Dallas my 7 month old son at that time caught the flu plus had real bad breathing promblems and was hospitalized for three weeks, in which i just start a new job and got fired due to my son illness. Then then 2 days after my son was in the hospital, I got into a car accident on 75 highway.I just was really going through alot. I finally was able to get daycare for my kids through the state.So ive been looking for a good job but still struggling because of my kids hours at daycare and no one to pick them up with me having long hours at work.I currently live with my auntie and me and my kids sleep on the floor because i dont make enough at work to get my own place. So my life hasnt been so easy. So being able to win something to help me and my 3 boys for Christmas would mean the world to us❤🙏🏿

  7. Latoya L Brown

    Hello im a single with 4 kids…3 girls and 1 boy…my girls 10, 4, and 1 yrs of age…it would mean alot to me if i win…my son is 3 months and has been in and out of NICU for having seizures…and lately it been hard for me financially with kids because of his condition…i cant work right now because he needs up close attention and my girls and im not able to get child care because he was also born at 34 weeks and he needs time to heal…it will be a blessing if i win…my two oldest know that mom is not working or able to get them Christmas gifts and they try so hard not to get their hopes up by wanting gifts…and my kids can know that there is still hope for Christmas…your blessing will bless them…Thank you

  8. Jessica

    I’m a single mom with 5 kids 2 girls and 3 boys,haven’t been able to find a job our lives have been hard since Harvey my kids lost everything and still trying to to get on my feet and give them the best of the best. January of 2019 I had just lost my father and he was the only one to give me money just to put a smile on his grandkids faces now I just dont know how to do that my babies cry from time to time because they see what the other kids have that they dont, their father has not been apart of there life going on 6 years and it kills me all I want is to give them the best Christmas they ever had so being a winner and to see my babies smile is something a mother would love to see and it would be a very true BLESSING

  9. Alexis

    Hi I’m a single mom with 4 kids. 2 girls and 2 boys. I’m also dealing with a job injury that I been dealing with going on two yrs. It’s a big struggle to deal with my children. My injury has also put me in depression. I’m barely making any income to support my children. I would really appreciate to give them a good Christmas this yr. Thanks

  10. Alexis

    Hi I’m a single mom with 4 kids. 2 girls and 2 boys. I’m also dealing with a job injury that I been dealing with going on two yrs. It’s a big struggle to deal with my children. My injury has also put me in depression. I’m taking pain medicine and anti depressants. I don’t sleep. I’m up all night and want to sleep during the day. I have to push myself even when there’s no energy. To make sure my kids make it to school. 4 children is hard to handle but I can’t give up. I have to show them no matter what keep pushing. I’m barely making any income to support my children. I would really appreciate to give them a good Christmas this yr. Thanks

  11. Stacia Scott

    I’m actually a single granny. My daughter went to prison and I had to take care of my grandson for 5 years. My daughter got out and had a lot of mentally I’ll issues and started abusing my grandson at age 7. She took him away from me and didn’t let me see him for 3 years and then one day he did not forget my mom’s phone and called. Mom called me at work and told me to pick my grandson up because his mother had beat him up and kicked him out the house. Remind you my grandson is the of 9 years old then. He was so skinny, dirty and he stunk. I took him straight to the hospital so he could get checked out because my mom’s and I already knew he was getting abused when she would let spend the night with us for one night once and awhile. He would tell us how she beat him and showed us marks and bruises. When my mom and I got him to the hospital the investigators came and took pictures of my grandsons body he had over 70 bruises and marks on his body. Right away they took her to jail. However she got out and my mom and I had to get temporary custody so he can stay and not go into the system. He was terrified of her thinking she was going come a snatch him up. Finally it’s mom mother who is my Grandson’s Great Grandma. She home school him because he had a lot of problems in public school and I gave to work we pretty much share financial things for him but, it mostly my mom she is 68 years old on social security and has a pension but, she does not get help from welfare just medical for him every else come out of her pocket. My my has crippling arthritis and can’t walk that well. Now my grandson is 12 and happy and he helps his great grandmother a lot. Bottom line I think she deserves some help with Christmas for him.

  12. Tiffany C Quintana

    I’m a single mom of 5 children. 2 girls and 3 boys I’m a very hard worker but this christmas my Bill’s have been piling up and if I could get help to get christmas for my kids would be a blessing to me. How do I apply

  13. Jina Ward

    I am a single mother of four. I’m in need of this because my children and I recently left our home due to domestic violence. I had to leave my job as well for our safety. Since we been in Texas I haven’t been able to provide Christmas like I used to. We don’t have any family here. Although my children are happy with or without material items, I know they are hoping I male Christmas happen in the midst of our situation. I’m just starting a new job but with us having to move again it’s gonna be tough to put a smile on their faces this Christmas. Could u help in any way u can?

  14. Eartha Washington

    Hi my name is Eartha Washington I am a grandmother of four kids and I am looking for help for Christmas I am a single grandmother I am a foster mom I can not work I am having problems with my legs and my feet I have been back in Ford to the emergency room I have no help I set home and cry because this is not me I am all way helping people and I will still try my best I will not give up as long as I believe in God my wish is to get more kids with God help and I have this little angel nest to me now looking at me crying as I write this to you I am hurting real bad so please help me for Christmas I will try to get down on my needs and pray for this wish aman to you angels and thank you for listening to me

  15. Melissa Washington

    I am a single mother of 4 I am asking for help for Christmas my kids are looking forward for me to bring Christmas to them and all I want is for Christmas is to make my kids happy with ChristmasI am trying my best but it is so hard when you are a single mother trying to bring the smile to your kids face for Christmas and all I want for Christmas is that day to see them happy so if you could please help me for Christmas amen

  16. Erica rico

    I am a single mother of 8 kids we just move in to a place my kids dont got no beds to sleep or nothing for Christmas I am trying everything I can to bring smile on my kids face please help I live 1350 east seminary dr. Apt 102

  17. Daniela Zenteno

    Will soon loose all…mother of 4 and have always done good no help.but this year I just couldn’t keep it together…I’m litterly bout to loose all their home my home…I just ask for help…it not fair what we are going through it’s not!

  18. Breanna warren

    I am a single mother of 2 i lost my job and was put on bed rest i cant buy my kids christmas and it hurts i cry thinking about it they are 2 and 4 and ask if santa is coming to see them i would be honored and so grateful to win this my babies would be sooo happy

  19. Tyrik lusk

    I know a young mother of soon to be 3 who isnt currently working i have been assisting with bills she has 2 beaut little girls that will miss Christmas because there momma cant get them nothing it hurts to see her upset and cry about this if i could help i would She would be very happy and thankful for this all she wants to do is make those girls happy

  20. Ashley Drew

    I am a 20 year old sophomore student who has a one year old almost two and 6 weeks away from giving birth I’m not having a baby shower and I’m low on money for my first daughter Christmas I just really need some help. God bless y’all 💙

  21. Lawretta Ezukanma

    I am a single mother of 4 boys and 3 girls. I adopted one of my boys who was formerly my nephew because his father (my brother) was murdered a few years back. My other 3 boys and 3 girls’ father was recently sentenced to 16 years in prison so I am all my children have left. Each day I sacrifice being with my children and doing things with/for them like going to their sports games, helping them with homework, or even simply sitting down and spending quality time with them to go to work so I will be able to pay for the bills and feed my kids. If we were giving this shopping spree the amount of stress and worries I will have to provide my kids with a great holiday season will completely deteriorate. This would mean so much to me and my children and will help our family tremendously.

  22. Lakoa McKeever

    Hi my name is Lakoa McKeever I entered your contest for single mothers Christmas shopping spree. My question is how do I know if I was one of the lucky winners? I have a 6 year old son and I am unable to get him the things he ask for for Christmas because everything I get goes to bills. I just want him to be happy on this day even though he tells me that it’s okay if I can’t get him anything. He is a really special kid that deserves nothing but the best.

  23. Lanita Edwards

    I’m single mother of 5,my husband die nov.23,2015.I have been having trouble providing for my kids the last past years.I try to give them the life I never had.My kids been wishing and praying for things they want for Christmas.i have a oldest daughter that 13 the second to the oldest is 12 daughter, my other daughter is 11,my son is 9 and finally my youngest child is 7

  24. Qwenavon

    I’m trying to sign up for the free shopping spree a single parent I’m a single mother ever 14 year old

  25. Helen Jones

    I am a single Mother of 8 children I have 5 girls and 3 boys were in a 4 bedroom house and when I pay all the bills I have nun to my name please help me get my children some Christmas gifts please..

  26. Venetta Davis

    I am a single mom of an almost 2 year old beautiful smart boy who is having a really hard time with life in general. Dad pays child support and participates in our son’s life when it’s convenient for him. I stay frustrated and angry. My best friend Christine brings me back from the brink of crazy with her positive attitude and prayer. She is also a single mom. She is earnest and inspiring as a mom. She shows me that hope is never lost. Isn’t that what Christmas is about? Hope and love! So can we give her this shopping spree for her 11 year old daughter. Being a single mom is already hard. To constantly support and cheer on your bipolar, angry, ptsd Lupus having best friend on top of that is an amazing feat if you ask me 💞

  27. Patricia Noriega

    I’m a single mom of 4 boys: 14,10,9,4. I have 2 jobs and I just wanna be able to get them something/anything. Please and thank you! God bless

  28. Lynn Warner

    Hello All,
    Praying this reaches everyone in great health and calm spirits. I’m a single mom with 4 kiddos (13yr., 6 yr., &3 yr. old girls with 1 5yr. old boy)and an essential worker just tryna make it to tomorrow while home schooling my kids with plenty prayers that they don’t fall behind. After losing my auntie mama, birth mom havin a stroke, and now COVID19, easily said this has been a rough last couple years…especially lately. Typically, I don’t express when I need or want anything, but I’d love to win this to share with my birth mom and kids, heck maybe even sister and her 3 (16yr & 10 yr girls with 1 13yr old boy)…so everyone feels thought of and special. Many Blessings to All, MalPal

  29. Rosario Flores

    hello my name is rosario and i hope all is well with ever one. I was just hoping and praying if u could help me out with come gifts for my 4 kids two bos 15,12 and two girls 11,5 i just lost my job and my brother also and sister we are behind 2 months rent and we have know way to make a good and blessed christmas for them if there is any way you could help. i know there are so many people that need help but if tpu could choose me to h assist in any way I will be greatly appreciated

  30. LaQuiesha Caldwell

    Hello my name is LaQuiesha Caldwell and I would love to be able to have a Christmas this year. I have four kids 2 girls 2 boys ages 14, 9, 9 & 6 months. I haven’t been fortunate enough to be able to have a Christmas with my kids in 6 years. To be able to do that this year will put a smile on my kids faces.

  31. Martha Hurtado

    Hi I have been a single mother for 15 years. We’ve lived without good Christmas gifts many years because I have always put bills first in order to make ends meet. Even now, we live very modestly. I would love to win the shopping spree so that I can finally bless my daughter & myself with a good Christmas. Thank you.

  32. Christy

    Hello, I honestly hate that I have to put my business out here like this but I just want my kids to have a good Christmas this year, 2021 has been a heck of a year , I finally got the courage to leave an abusive relationship after having to spend a few weeks in a hospital to get my mental space back on track , during which I found out I am expecting a baby due in April, I am currently working but having to save money to move off my friends house and get a new car , I always would like to make sure my kids have a good ending to such a traumatic year for them I’m already on my way to healing and honestly am more concerned with them forgetting all of this then me healing so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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