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Single Mom Shopping Spree!


Christmas is so close and a lot of single moms are struggling to give their kids the Christmas they deserve, but this lucky mom was blessed by DeDe in the Morning and IJUSTGOTHIT.COM with a $500 shopping spree to Target! Listen to her story…


38 Responses to “Single Mom Shopping Spree!”

  1. Yazmyne

    Hey Yazmyne Jones I need help this year I lost everything this year and I’m slowly getting it back. I have three lovable children that I looks at me everyday and I don’t ever wanna fall them again by being depressed and feeling like I’m unloved. So can y’all please help me this Christmas My children deserve it. Khailyn 9 Jordan3 and Jahida 2

  2. Staphany Rodgers

    My name is Stephanie and I’m a single mom of two little girls I recently got into a car accident October 30th which broke my arm and left me without work this Christmas is going to be hard seeing is that I can’t go back to work till October 26th at this point I’m basically just trying to cover my bills I’m a single mother and I really need help

  3. Isabel

    My name is Isabel n I’m a single disabled mom with mental issues. I suffer from depression. I have a 4 year old son n would love to give him the world but right now anything is greatly appreciated. We live on a month to month basis on a fixed income of $771.00 a month but that basically covers rent n car note. Please help me give my son the Christmas he deserves. Thank you n God bless you all

  4. Isabel Martinez

    My name is Isabel. Please help me n my son. I am a single disabled mom of a 4 year old child. 682-244-5279

  5. Trina Lynnette Washington

    I’m a single mom that needs all the help I can get. I dont like to ask for help❤❤❤❤. Thank you and God bless

  6. Shanjula Harris

    Can you all do a shopping spree for single dads my son is 23 and trying his hardest to raise his boys. His oldest son is 4 and youngest son is 14 months. He need the help but he’ll never ask. I’m hoping this email reaches you all with the hope to include this single dad.

  7. Lashana Powell

    I’m a single mother and last Sunday I received a call that my uncle has passed . My heart stopped because he was like a father to me. I would dare miss his funeral but I’m in Milwaukee Wisconsin and I’m in Fort Worth Tx. If me and my two boys go to the funeral it will be taking the little money I had put back for x mas. I’m begging please help. I’m trying to win the s mas shopping This has been a rough and trying year for me. I love y’all show I listen every mourning. Thank you for listening. 🙏🏽

  8. Deonna Smith

    Hello, I’m a single mom whose looking for help this Christmas for my 7 yr old daughter.

  9. Tineka Faggett

    Hi I’m a single mom of 5 kids my youngest is 10 months I bust my butt each and every day at work but it’s still not enough I want my kids to remember this Christmas and my baby this will be his first Christmas I been a single mother for some years now and it’s hard for me trying to maintain rent , car , food , and etc it’s so crazy this year that my babies don’t even have a Christmas tree yet I cry to myself at night and ask god to just bless me and my babies with a angle. Because I want my babies to look at me with that remarkable sparkles in there eyes.even if I don’t win and another family does just no to always have faith and it’s help out here for us single mothers and change is coming.

  10. Scymone

    My name is Scymone I’m single mom of 2 kids I would love to have a good Christmas this year because of hard times n really not sure where most of my children’s the Christmas gifts will be coming from n hoping this helps me out God Bless..

  11. Denesia Lavalais

    I am a single mother of 6. Due to a hard year me and my kiddos could really use the help. If not even some names of some places that may offer Christmas help. Thank You for anything you can do and God Bless.

  12. Helena Ross

    My name is Helena, I am the single mother of a 9 year old Boy. I work full time and am in school full time. I am paying for all of my classes out of pocket. With that and bills it keeps me paycheck to paycheck but I need to finish this for us. I would greatly appreciate some help this holiday season.

  13. Magan

    Hi my name is Magan and I’m a single mom of 2 girls 11 and 14. I work full time and my fiancé is incarcerated. We had to move into my parents small apartment were we all share a room and I do not have money for Christmas this year. I would really appreciate any help at all

  14. MaReisha Vernon

    Hi im a single mom with 3 and need a lil help with Christmas im new to Texas. Dont really know too many places to receive help so was happy when i heard DeDee say go sign up..

  15. Krystal

    I am a single mom to a four year old. I am a student in college. I really really use the help for christmas. I would really appreciate it as so would my daughter. Thank you, and happy holidays!

  16. Lamiesha

    Hello, im a single mom of five kids. This year has been difficult for me, i don’t have any help. This will really help me out a lot.

  17. Miya Gambari

    Im a 26 single hard working mother of 1 kid she is 4 years old i really need help my car stopped working which caused me to lose my job so i really need help trying to get my daughter something for christmas please can you guys help me ….

  18. Brittany

    My name is brittany. I have a 4 year old daughter. I had 3 jobs and I just had to quit one because they gave me overtime with no break so I wasnt able to spend time with my daughter. But now I cant give my daughter a Christmas. I’d really like some help.

  19. Shekeidra Hendrix

    Hello I’m contacting you all about the shopping spree for my little sister. Her name is Lateia and she has 4 children with 2 of them being disabled and 1 out of the 2 medical conditions has taking the turn for the worst. She can’t work due to his illness and spends majority of her months in the hospital with him. I just want her to be able to give her kids a good Christmas to distract all the things they have been through this year. As a family we have been able to help but it gets a little challenging around this time of the year. We would truly appreciate if you all can help

  20. Lashonda chance

    Good morning my name is Lashonda I have 2 kids and I’m needing a little assistance this year with Christmas. I found out that I’m in stage 4 renal failure and having to dialysis. This has taken a toll on my family because I’m not able to work so income is very tight this year. Although my health is big, all I want is to see my kids happy . I have a 3 yr old daughter and a 8 yr old boy . Can you guys help ? I would greatly appreciate it .

  21. Paris

    Hi my name is Paris. I’m from Mississippi but moved to Texas a little over a year ago fighting for custody of my children. I won. The best thing ever. The only downside is I moved here alone and struggling every day just to make ends meet but i am still so fortunate and blessed everyday just to be able too. Due to complications with custody i didnt get to spend my first Christmas in 3 years wi th my children last year, so this year will be our first Christmas together in years and I’m in desperate need to really make it special. We havent even gotten a tree yet but I’m making that happen this weekend. Thankyou for your time and what you guys are doing is just so wonderful.

  22. Latoya Smith

    Hello my name is Latoya I have 2 children I had a little girl last month also have an 12 yr old girl it’s been kinda tough year making ends meet also I have sickle cell so I’ve been in an out of the hospital also trying to heal from having a C section it would mean alot to be chosen for the single mother give away

  23. Laura Ramos

    Good morning, my name is Laura. I have two children 9 & 11. I have been unemployed for about 6 months now. I left my last job due to hours cut and poor management in jopes to find something better. Well the TWC denied my request for unemploymemt & still deny. I have been aiming for a job to work from hope to fit my schedule with my children, school etc. This year seems to be another stressful year cause my children want and hope for something they’ve hoped for all year. This would really help me out a bunch because all I wamt is to makr them happy atleast this year to bring in a great & better next year. Thank you & God bless!

  24. LaTiffany Coleman

    I would like to nominate my cousin. Her daughter was involved in a car accident in Dallas last weekend and her daughter is now in ICU. They family is from Memphis and they drove seven hours away with the clothes on their back to check on her daughter. They have been here with NOTHING for several weeks! Mom and her kids have been staying in a hotel, paying for food, and trying to get medical expenses in order. This has been an extremely HARD last few weeks for this family. They will be in Dallas for several months according to the doctors and could use assistance to help out with living expenses, food, hotel bill, Christmas, holiday meal and clothing.

  25. Catrina Austin

    Hello My name is Catrina Austin and I am seeking help with this Christmas with my 3 children I work hard but it’s still not enough. My rent has increase severely which has made it ver difficult to put food in the house as well as provide everything my children need. I am making it by the grace of god but it would be a very much needed relief to be able to provide my children with anything instead of saying oh well momma can not do it right now. Just to see them be able to wake up and see something under tree is all I want. I know one day it will get better but as of now… my money goes to making sure rent is paid and I am left just figuring it out the bet way I can. I listen to the show all the time while out work you guys definitely get me through my day. I luv you all

  26. LaTecia Spearman

    My name is LaTecia Spearman. I am a 38 year old single mother of three. My family and I just recently relocated to Texas from Louisiana in hopes of better opportunities. We have no family here, so my children and I will most likely be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with just the four of us. My car is not in the best of conditions, which limits me to how far I am able to drive. I honestly just want my children to have a great Christmas. I’m not concerned with myself at all. As long as my kids are happy, then so am I. Any type of assistance would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

  27. Ashira

    My name is Ashira
    I have 2 daughters and I really want to provide them with a good Christmas. After I pay bills I can hardly afford food let alone have enough to get gifts for Christmas for my children. This year has been so hard living from check to check to keep a roof over my kids head and not allow them to see the worry that I deal with. If ya’ll can help me just be able to give my children a good Christmas and put a smile on their face I will be more than grateful.

  28. Cassondra rangel

    Hey K104 It’s your girl Cassie here coming from the middle of nowhere Nocona Tx. I moved out here 2 years ago to make a better life for my 2 kids with some land, and a mobile home. I’ve been struggling with the family business since the inflation for a while now with work and the gas prices didnt make it better.
    My daughter is an amazing 14 year old who lost her daddy tragically 4 years ago and my son is 11, his daddy is an absent father by choice 😢 💙 and it hurts them both not to have the extra support through out the year with birthday, school clothes, school supplies, activites .. it’s hard to see them sometimes miss out while trying to keep our head up. When I got this home I promised I would pay it off and we would never have to move again. I am struggling already so Christmas is going to be scarce. I told them we will do stalkings but only a couple presents … If I get this shopping spree it will put long time needed smiles on thier faces and save Christmas. We would be forever grateful knowing the station we listen to k104 was the one who made it happen ! That would be so awesome ♡ there’s alot of family’s in need this year so if it’s not us we are still forever grateful for what we have ALWAYS ♡ we have love, and our health in our house that we make a home every day! Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 ❤️ we love you !

  29. Amber Beaver

    This year has been hard I spent 1 month and half in the hospital due to covid/pneumonia and then another month in a rehab so that I could get my strength back and walk again I couldn’t work for about 2 or almost 3months it Made hard for me to take care of my kids and bills and I wad needing help with alot of stuff and especially Christmas

  30. Melba

    Hello DeDe,
    I am sending you a request for the Christmas giveaway. I am a single grandmother of three. I lost my only daughter in April, and she left me these beautiful kids. When we had the hard rain three months ago our house flooded. We are all ok. A friend took us in. This is a hard time for us this Christmas we would love to have a Blessing! We love you and Merry Christmas!

  31. Cece

    This year has been full of family emergencies with my mom being icu, me trying to take 2 kids and travel, and being in between jobs. I’ve been late on my rent for months, and I’m finally able to pay my rent for December after months of not being able to, thank God I have a nice landlord. I’ve saved all my checks I received in the last month and a half to be able to pay my rent, but I’ve been worried about Christmas approaching and not being able to give my babies a good Christmas. This year has been tough, but my only wish is to see the smiles on my babies face when they see their gifts. Anything helps, and thank you for all you do for single moms.

  32. Marquita Weaver


  33. Nadine Harris

    My child’s father locked me out the house last year after putting his hands on me at my mom’s birthday celebration. the money i saved for us to move out of my sister’s living room was spent on a lawyer as he fought me for custody to avoid child support. he obtained temporary custody because i missed my court date as I was not served. i won but i ended up losing my job of 7 years because of attendance. I started a waxing business (BMSL Beauty )but I’m barely making it. I’d love to give my 2 year old a good Christmas. we’ve been through a lot.

  34. Deadrius Armstrong

    My name is Dedee. I am not his biological parent but I have been his legal guardian since I got him from CPS 10 years ago. He is my great-nephew.
    I had been battling Breast Cancer and have gotten a mastectomy so I haven’t been working.
    $500 would be a Big Blessing to us for Christmas.

  35. Anya Collins

    Hey I’m a single teen mom just moved to texas and boy I tell you it’s been great opportunity but very expensive to live for me and my son my son birthday is December 16 and I gotta pay rent so we can have a roof over are head so he probably just going to get 2 toys but this 500 for Christmas would just a big blessing for us so he can get the experience for Christmas

  36. shakara cook

    hi my name is shakara cook im 22 i have a 17 month old boy his name is jameer we been trying to make it me and my baby live alone and it’s hard on us i had to do rentle help 2 times his dad was a abusive so i had to just worry about me n my baby god have us im
    just looking for as much help ass possible my baby several things happened to us my house got broken different things that i just want to past in get all the help we can


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