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Single Mom Shopping Spree


Another single mom is being help this holiday season all thanks to DeDe in the Morning and IJUSTGOTHIT.COM we are giving single moms a $500 dollar shopping spree to Target! Listen to this mom’s story…

5 Responses to “Single Mom Shopping Spree”

  1. Destiny Moffett

    I am a single mother of 2 toddlers, Malachi and Messiah. Malachi is three and Messiah is two. I got laid off my job because I caught covid , I’ve been applying applying applying to many jobs and I haven’t heard anything back from any job and I’m afraid I won’t be able to give my children and family the Christmas they deserve. If there is absolutely anything you guys can do to help I’ll be so thankful.

  2. Rasheedah

    Hey, I hope everyone is in good spirits. I am needing this help because I am a single mom who’s drowning. My son is 13 about to be 14 tomorrow. I feel bad because I haven’t been able to provide the way I need to. My rent is backed up, mind you it’s a $1700 rent, I’m being threatened to be evicted I just started a second job so I can pay off things. My son doesn’t even have a bed to sleep on just a mattress he’s been asking for one for awhile and I feel so bad that I can’t. I have bad credit, no bank account, legal issues because rent a center locked me up because of a balance with furniture so I have to pay court fees, probation fees I feel like I’m driving and I just want my baby to smile. It hurts that I can’t even do anything for his birthday let alone Christmas I can’t even afford a tree. I would appreciate if you can help me make his Christmas this year a wonderful and memorable Christmas…thank you and god bless..

  3. Alexia Pierson

    Last year I took a chance on myself and went back to school to become a nurse. I completed this goal in May. During that time my daughter Saniya has had to endure the struggles and hardships financially. I’ve spent most of my life struggling and saying to her. “ We cannot afford it” or “maybe next time”. For once I want her to get what she wants and not have to make sure mommy doesn’t have enough money. She wants a bike, a visual game and clothes and shoes. She’s a simple loving child with a heart of pure innocence. Thank you guys for the opportunity.

  4. Francis Dunn

    Hello, I am a single mother of one daughter, Imani. She is thirteen years old. Recently, we have been struggling with rent for the apartment we live in, and have been noticed that we will be evicted in February of next year. I have been trying to go back to work for a while, so I can pay for a new house before then. It has been a struggle trying to do this though, since her ‘father’ refuses to do anything to help us. Now, Christmas is coming up, and I want to get her a present for Christmas, but I am afraid that I do not have the money to be able to get what she wants. She is kind, and sweet, and she doesn’t deserve to be empty handed for Christmas. I want this to be a memorable Christmas for her, thank you.

  5. Latrice

    Hello I am a single parent of 1 daughter, she is 11. We have experiencedsome tremendous hardships these last few years. Due to me being a high risk pregnancy I had to stop working (November/December2020) aroundthe same time we found out my son would need around the clock care becauseof his disabilities, we then lost her grandmother(Dads mom) Jan.2021 and my son a week or so later Feb 2021. We as a familyhave been tryingto heal and take things day by day abd then we were hit with abother tragedy. Unfortunatelyi haven’tveen able to returnto work yet, and things a really streched thin for us. My daughter’shasbeen so understanding and tries to help as much as she can. She’s amazing, so appreciative and thankful, i wpuld love to see the smile on her face if I’d gotten the chance to do this for her. There have been times where im feeling at my loweat point and she can just walk up to and hug me without even knowing what I’m thinking or feeling. She is my light, and she shines so bright Iwould just like the opportunity to show her that things are okay and we will be okay, just like before. This giveaway means so much, and she deserves it, shes and A and B honor roll student, sweet kind caring, I would love to just feel like her super hero again if even just for moment. I would be so grateful for you all helpingus feel some type of normalcyagain. Thank you.


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