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Single Mom Behind On Bills


DeDe in the Moring and has blessed another single mother with a $500 Toys R Us shopping spree. Meet Deandra, she’s always been able to provide for her children but this year she’s fallen behind on bills. [Listen Below]

  • Tamara Evans

    Tamara Evans a single mom of a 15 yr old boy and 16yr old girl need . Extreme. Help she has fallen on hard times and is sleeping in her car but her kids are with there dad who is also struggling needs help with her kids gifts and findimg a place she is a kind hearted person and will give u her last please help her,. Her phone number is 806-559-1497 she is in the metroplex so if u can helo her i know she will really be grateful

  • Kim alexander

    I’m a single of two girls. Just moved to Texas a year ago and working from 7 to 6 6 days week and still can’t catch up on bills. My children fathers aren’t in their lives not their family and my oldest has cancer a Wilms tumors since she was 6 weeks. She is 10 now. I’m trying my best to keep my kids happy but the struggle is real when you do t have a support system. This 500 will help out a lot to finally give them the Christmas they want and need

  • Tonya McClain

    Hello my name is Tonya. I’m a single mother I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Only thing is I’m currently unemployed and with Xmas around the corner the more depressed I become. I hear them talking about what they want and how excited there faces are but inside I’m trying and hustling to figure it out. When I herd your commercial for single moms I thought maybe we have a chance. Even if we don’t win thank you for reading my msg. Happy holidays k104.

  • Kimberly D Miller

    Hello I’m a single mother with 2 girls and 1 son , I’m not able 2 work do 2 i have lupus and in stage 2 and it’s. Been really hard to get out and do anything cause of my illness, without help for my kids to have a good Christmas it hurts cause im use to doing for them and not able to do… So i hope u guys find in your hearts and help me give my children a good Christmas this year. … Thank you
    Kimberly miller

  • chrystal patton

    Hello I’m a single mom of two. My daughter is 9yrs old and my son is 5yrs old. My daughter understands that I’m having a hard time with everything this year. But my 5yr old son doesn’t understand….. for one he’s autistic so anytime we go in the toy store he picks things up and put it in the basket and just says Kyson wants mom. That breaks my heart cause he doesn’t understand that momma’s having a really hard time. It would be a BIG BLESSING if I’m chosen to be one of the moms that’s blessed with the $500 gift card.But if not….I would like to say on behalf of All The Single Moms and Dads…Thank U All, Chrysyal Patton

  • Ashley n Price

    Hello I’m a Single mom and I was doing so good until the end of the yr around September when my landlord put a 30 day notice in the mail… now you have to realize that I have 4 children.Now my daughter is a freshman and my boys are still in elementary. . now I currently still in my old house.. don’t have nowhere to go I’m living paycheck to paycheck.. no saving andcan’t get a loan.. All I want to do provide for me and my kids to have a better life… is that to hard to ask.. Don’t get me wrong I work to hard to provide me and my mine… so how I falling to deep and I need help get back on my feet… I pray everyday somebody be take the will thus battle is not mine.. I know we have wake up call and lesson to learn.. But I could of seen if I party out and not do for mine… I work 5 to 6 days a week and I still asking for help. PLease if you can help me are assitance. Because everywhere I go they want deposit and rent… but I’m currently still paying my old landlord that I been in his rent house almost 6yrs. and not he currently selling it until me…. I had no problems with him and I still don’t I know that he doing his job.. I just wish I had more time…. Now I don’t know what to do. .. I feel so all alone. ….

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