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Are Side Chicks Winning


DeDe’s DM: A listener hit DeDe in the Morning’s DM to let her know that although she’s not the main chick, she’s still getting perks of a relationship. Anonymous says she gets money, cars, clothes and believes side chicks are winning because…[Listen Below]

  • Raecheal Wilson

    Hey DeDe,

    I know the comment of Side Chicks are winning is passed due but, the so-called winning side chick are not winners and the reason I’m saying that is because one guy who has happy home, and married are lucky to have one woman that cares about him can hold him down no matter what the situation comes to the man a woman who is married to him got his back. A side chick is a female who is use to have bad relationships from all different types a men, and she made chooses to keep them but, not being happy, and creating a life from jobs, money, cars, home, and family who will make sure things go right when life is right and not getting on each others nerves.

    A female who is desperate for love at all the wrong places by finding a man who is married to his first queen with kids, and have a life together. Are hoes who don’t have what the first queen got by taken it from the family life styles, and the kids future not doing wrong choose as the parents done in front of them by setting good choose not fucked ones that’s why it will bring karma to both adulters life will fuck them up in the long run.

    By the I’m not the side chick I’m a woman who is not in a relationship but, understand the issues on real women who looking for love the right way and have karma in their life’s to fuck up someone to get there man from another woman I was never like that a man want another female to be a player to get them to do what they want to make themselves look good behind close doors, and my mom went through the same situation 2 years ago I gave her a good suggestion not to deal with him, and let him hang his self, and die of his fuck ups because of another female wants, needs, haves a man to do whatever they choose too…

    So to your answer Hell No Side Chicks are not winners karma will bite them in the ass so hard they will understand what they have done wrong her him, and heavenly father up stairs knows that.

    And I don’t care how the so called winning side chicks feel they all are desperate to have a man buy them what they want and nothing else. There no love in it

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