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Rihanna Cancels World Tour With Kanye!

by spoke with a person close to Rihanna who says that all plans to do a joint Kanye-Rihanna album and a joint tour are over. Rumors swept the internet a few weeks back that Kanye and Rih would be touring, after the pair released the song “Four Five Seconds” with Paul McCartney. Rih’s insider explains, “We all thought [Four-Five] would be a hit, but it’s not. It’s doing alright, but not what it should.” Rihanna folks suspect that it’s Kanye’s UNPOPULARITY that’s stopping the song from popping. The insider added, “If the song was Rihanna, Paul [McCartney] and anyone else, it would be a hit. But Kanye’s just so hated, he’s toxic.” The two had been planning a world tour together, although nothing was finalized. Now those plans are over.

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