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Questions About Child Support


Child Support Attorney Cathy Middleton is helping the DeDe in the Morning listener’s with knowledge! Let Cathy answer your questions about child support, and get the money you deserve…

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One Response to “Questions About Child Support”

  1. Jessi

    Hello, I am stuck with a serious insurance issue for my son’s ages 7 and 9. I moved to Fl 6 yrs ago and starred new with no job and was eligible for Medicaid for both boys. I started working just 3 months after I moved and got my job insurance for me but didn’t get paid enough for the family plan so both boys stayed with Medicaid. There father added them to his family plan since he has 2 additional children after my 2. Without my knowledge. I found out at an urgent care that the boys had Cigna and was charged $50 copay for the Urgent Care visit. I cried bc I didn’t have it. So they settled for half and charged me the other half via email. My older son is ADD and my my 7 year old gets angry and frustrated easily and both boys get counseling services for 2 years. This week I was told that since the private insurance Cigna is primary they do not accept it. In fact their pediatrician doesn’t accept it either. Where I live in Florida Cigna isn’t accepted by pediatric Docs as well as services and urgery care. They prefer Medicaid that they still have but they can’t take since they now have private insurance. My son’s have private insurance because I meet the Florida poverty guidelines. My salary isn’t enough for the 3 of us. I get CS from their father in NJ it’s been the same amount $130 for 6 years now. $130 a week For both children. My expenses exceed what I spend each month. Now I have an added insurance expense of co pays and cannot take them to the services they were use to get? CS is suppose to help the child’s quality of living and make it better since they do not have a 2 parent home. Instead these absurd changes make it worse. Their dad says he isn’t allowed to take them off? Why he isn’t paying for them? And they had Medicaid 5 years prior to him adding them to private insurance? I never complained or asked for insurance. It was being handled on my end. Why change anything if it wasnt broken? Now they are left without counseling services. I can no longer take them to urgent care bc I can’t afford the co pays and will be forced to change the only pediatric Doc they know since we moved to Florida. This is so unfair. Is he avoiding paying more CS by adding them to his new family’s insurance? Please help.


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