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Do You Have A Problem With A Teacher Cursing At His Students? [Listen Now]


Dallas ISD teacher Sgt. Griffin has been placed on administrative leave after an audio recording surfaced, revealing his profanity-laced rant to middle school students. The Holmes Middle School teacher, teaches a leadership course. The recording in question was documented by a 6th grade student recording with a cell phone under a table. In the recording, the teacher can be heard saying, “Those of you that know me, you know I’ll go as far as you want me to go. So if you wanna act a fool with me, guess what? If you got no filter, then I ain’t got no filter. If you got no threshold for pain, then I don’t either. If you don’t give a f—, I don’t give a f—.” (ViaFox4News)

33 Responses to “Do You Have A Problem With A Teacher Cursing At His Students? [Listen Now]”

  1. Anabell

    Im a student myself, looking at it from my point of view I wouldn’t mind a teacher cursing at me, I completely understand, we are all human beings and were not perfect and I also understand that we as students tend to push the teachers to a certain extent to where, we want them to get fed up. I asked my mom if she would be bothered by it, she has a son that is in middle school, and she personally says she “wouldn’t mind a bit because something has to get through these kids, they are gettig worse as the days go by to control.they need to realize they are growing up and they need to mature and if this teacher yelled or cursed at his students I don’t think he should even get laid off,because no one was there in that room to understand what situation he was put under by he’s students. It happens and if society is blaming him for this single most unimportant mistake then, why arent we doing anything to change the way we raise our kids. We can’t blame just one person. It’s not fair.” With that being said I think my mother and I have given our opinion about this topic. I hope he can get back to he’s job and do what he studied to do and parents get back to what thy signed up for, to Raise their kids to be respectful, because something provoked this situation. Wake up people! We’re not Angels.


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