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Prime Prep Academy Is Missing Laptops



Laptops have gone missingĀ at Deion Sanders’ Prime Prep Academy. A former Prime Prep contractor tells News 8 he was directed to secretly sell at least 200 student laptops… computers purchased with taxpayer dollars. Solomon Warner, a maintenance contractor hired by Prime Prep Academy when it first opened in 2012, said he knows. Warner told News 8 he was quietly directed to re-sell dozens of newly-purchased laptops meant for students on Prime Prep’s Dallas campus. “We sold the laptops to three or four different people that I know,” Warner said. “They were sold about two weeks after school opened up. I sold between 200 and 250 for about $220 apiece.” Warner said he was paid $100 total to sell the laptop computers, one of which he told us we could find at a liquor store in Dallas. He took us to the shop, and after a quick conversation with one of the employees, they produced the laptop in question. Interim Superintendent Ron Price said the audit confirms Warner’s allegations that student laptops are missing. “I can confirm that there are some missing laptops; I cannot confirm the amount, but I can guarantee you that the amount is significant for me to come to Fort Worth to file an official complaint,” he said.


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