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Nicki Minaj Has Been Accused Of Stealing



Nicki Minaj is being sued for stealing her hit song Starships. Electronic Musician Clive Tanaka claims Minaj’s single, produced by RedOne, Carl Falk, Wayne Hector and Rami Yacoub, borrowed heavily from his 2011 song “Neu Chicago” without his permission. Tanaka’s lawyer (Christopher Niro) has stated that the tracks are “similar to the point that it is nearly impossible for it to be a coincidence.” RedOne, Falk, Hector and Yacoub, who are named in the lawsuit along with Minaj, are all citizens of Sweden, where “Neu Chicago” was used in television ads for a beverage company and a clothing retailer. “They had a very good opportunity to hear it,” Niro said. Check out how similar the songs sound below.

  • Becki Davis

    yea… they stole that track… SHAME ON THEM… can’t blame Nikki tho… she can’t be listening to everything on the TV and the radio… they should of known better… now she’s getting sued for something she knew nothing about… good song tho!