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Michael Shawn had a Relapse


Michael Shawn came into work and Dede in the Morning knew something was wrong, Mike claimed to be tired but Lady Jade and DeDe have worked with him long enough to know it wasn’t just a lack of sleep. Michael Shawn admitted on air he did slip up and have a drink! If you don’t know Mike, he does have a drinking problem that he has been getting help for, including going to meetings and having a sponsor. DeDe in the Morning called out for our listeners to share love, support, and any information on programs or counseling he could use. Michael Shawn’s family isn’t always with him so DeDe wants to make sure he knows we are his family and we will support, help and love him as much as he allows. Check out the on air intervention and drop a comment to show support for Mike!

28 Responses to “Michael Shawn had a Relapse”

  1. Glenda Paniagua

    Michael I pray your health and to get well. I haven’t heard your voice lately. Your voice makes me pay attention to get a real laugh all the time You always tell the truth and you make many people laugh. You are loved by many people who listen and you make the team a success every morning. Get well. It happens get well.

  2. Nelson Jackson

    Get well Mike you’re a helluva comedian I like your style. I’m in your corner get well soon take care. 1 fan Big Jack

  3. Rob Mingus

    Praying for you bro, nobody is perfect, get better πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ


    Hey Michael I miss you on the mic and the comedy you bring. I mean seriously. You guys are a great team. Looking forward to hearing you.


    Keep the faith, we’re praying for you! We hope to see or here from you soon!

  6. Anonymous

    Praying for you Mike. It’s hard to listen without hearing your voice. Get well soon. Love family.

  7. Angelica

    We all have those days when we just want to numb the pain away but when you come to its still there. We are all human and imperfect keep your head up remember your girls and you are doing it for you and them .

  8. MM

    Mike, get better dude the radio is not the same without you. We all will keep you in our prayers and pray that you get better. Come back soon. We love you!!

  9. P

    Man! I miss you on the radio. It’s kinda dull without you. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your beautiful girls. We are here for you!

  10. Anonymous

    You got this. we miss you on the air. Hang in there YOU GOT THIS

    Tina. Smooches β€πŸ‘„β€πŸ‘„

  11. Phyllis

    Your Comment here…Michael remember you are not in this alone everyone that loves you is in this with you and will do everything they can to support you we all have your back God is Good, all the time God is Good will continue to lift your name up in prayer.
    May God continue to bless and strengthen you.

  12. Gerald

    One day at a time, don’t beat yourself up to bad, but don’t make any excuses for your dranking. The bottle will lie to you every time not sometimes every time don’t trust the bottle.

  13. Dennis CRAWFORD

    Yo Michael Shawn Crawford from your old hood Willingboro Majestic hair days pray you’re well and safe much love lil brother and respect God isGood keep looking up!!


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