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Lamar Odom Cheated On Wife Khloe Kardashian



Lamar Odom has reportedly been cheating on his wife Khloe Kardashian with a women named Jennifer Richardson. According to Star magazine, Lamar had been rumored to be creeping around with Jennifer Richardson who he met at Stadium a gentleman’s nightclub in Washington, D.C. in January 2012. Lamar also had a threesome with Jennifer and another woman on December 24, 2012 then he returned home to his wife Khloe the next day. “Lamar had told Jennifer that he really wanted to have a threesome,” the Star source claims. “She wanted to make him happy, so she asked a pretty friend to join them in bed. Lamar stayed an extra night in Phoenix, and the three of them hooked up on the morning of Christmas Eve!” Jennifer also claims that Lamar wanted to have a baby with her and the reason she ended the relationship is because she was tired of keeping their romance a secret so she broke it off in March. She decided to go to the press with the full story after Lamar claimed that he had never met her.