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Lady Jade Wants to Take You to See Mindless Behavior



ladyjadelilsisterCONTEST HAS EXPIRED!

  • Ranyia Leach

    I really hope I WIN ! (: -praying

  • shakyra

    i am really looking forward to winning these miindless behavior tickets#SoExicted

  • kierston

    Praying i win

  • June Pyt Truley

    praying i win never been to a mindless behavior concert i herd they be live #filling#exicted

  • kayla

    #hope I win never will be able to go to a Mb concert :)luck to me n every one else :)

  • myea

    please please praying to win i never been to a mindless behavior concert

  • June Pyt Truley

    hahha a wast of my time 8 days straight of listening to the radio when i could be having fun on vacation ….tired next time thoe #turndown

  • Destiny

    they already told who the winner was!? :O

  • sydni♥

    I would love to meet mb not only because i love them but i would like to meet the people who inspire mevto do the things i love. Also probably tons of girls entered and if i won i would be thankful and blessed. Me and my crew hope to become mb ride or die sisters. It would be like a happy ever after moment that me or people dont always have. But whoever wins congratulations!!

  • Haley143

    I would really enjoy meeting MB not just because the love I have for them but also because they help me through hard times. I just blast their songs and I know a lot of girls have entered this and if I was lucky and won I would be so happy and thankful. Me and the rest of my friends or crew have always wanted to meet them. Even if one of us or none of us win we will still find our way to become MB ride or die sister as sydni(girl below) said. We are apart of the same crew and congrats to the winner!<3

  • lania wilson

    i would really love to see mb i’ve been praying for 3 years now and i havent seen them yet. please pick me

  • bria quash

    I am mindless behaviors #1 Fan ive been trying for 4 years to win something from k104. You guys can quiz me on anything about them or any of their lyrics and I will know any and everything. This would mean the world to me im crying just typing this please pick me you wont regret it

  • bria quash

    If I got the chance to meet Mindless Behavior for even one second I would be soo grateful when im depressed or sad their music brings my spirit up even when I go on youtube and watch their videos I laugh. Mindless Behavior gave me confidence I dress different and people use to make fun of me I don’t care now they gave me that boost of confidence and I really want to thank them in person for that. You guys don’t know how much this would mean to me I was unable to get VIP because my mom couldn’t afford it and every year I try they are sold out I listen to you guys all day everyday if I am picked it would mean the world to me

  • jesstine

    If i got the chance to meet mindless behavior.. i would be just sooo happy. Because i was suppose to go to the concert last year and i missed it and was very disapointed and it would really be a dream come true because im a big fan..

  • alexisia

    Please I been wanting to see them since they came out praying for us

  • Zakyvia Calloway

    I’m praying that I win because I’ve been wanting too go too a Mindless Behavior concert since they came out, I really hope I win!!! #Praying

  • jesstine

    I really would be happy to win and thankful because my father promised me a ticket..and then as usual he let his wife tell him not to..and i couldnt do anything but cry because he did the same thing last year on august 12 2012 when they came… and i have waited a whole would be a night to remember.. i would be very thankful <3

  • Towanda Savage

    Sorry I missed this one my grandaughter would have loved it.

  • Essynce Johnson

    Lady Jade i just want to say that if u can bring mindless behavior over to my house
    For my kids and if that happens my adress is linden ave 2120 Knoxville TN