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Lady Jade Is Acting Fast


Lady Jade is single and is starting to act a little fast, so DeDe in the Morning called her mom and told her…[Listen Below]

  • Reginald berryhill

    Hey K104 I love y’all , by the way my name is Reginald berryhill aka poppy in I will love to take lady jade out on a date in every thing is on me. I have my own things and pays my bill and have goals in life that I’m achieving goals. I been single for a long time in I know that I’m a little young , I’m 22 years old but I’m a good man in I think that you the right one for me , you funny , understands life and very gorgeous, I will rub your feet very night if they hurt. I’m a outgoing person in love to go on dates, love to workout and not a person that rush things I like to get to know a person. In I love your personality you can dress like model. You the type of person that I will love to take on a picnic and can bring you breakfast in bed.I’m a one women lover in I wish it can be you . My dream girl. Love poppy 😁😉😍😘😏

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