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Kris Jenner Defends Kanye



Kris Jenner is defending her daughter Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy Kanye West’s violent outburst with a photographer at LAX last week. Kris was promoting her new chatshow on The Talk when she was asked to explain footage showing Kanye, ranting at a photographer. “I love that man. I do,” she said. “I think he was just a little sleep-deprived, because of the baby. Maybe.” She added: “I think what happens with anybody who gets upset with paparazzi-related issues, they’re always provoked… I don’t know what happened before that. None of us know the 15 minutes before that and how crazy [the paparazzi] got! “I am close to him, and he doesn’t have a short temper like everyone thinks. This happens, but it happens for a reason.” To watch the video click on this link.