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Kobe Bryant Is Feuding With His Mom


Kobe Bryant is at war with his mother Pamela Bryant who is trying to sell his high school memorabilia. His mom is said to be selling his old jerseys, varsity letters from high school, championship rings, and trophies. Pamela has taken all the stuff to an auction house, claiming he gave it all to her, and she got a $450,000 advance which she says she’s using to buy a house in Nevada. Kobe contacted the auction house and said they had no right to sell any of the items because they belong to him. Sources connected with the Bryant family tell TMZ … the dispute between mother and son erupted over real estate. Kobe offered to buy his parents a “nice  house” in Vegas for significantly less than a million bucks, but they wanted something bigger and more extravagant and Kobe drew a line in the sand and refused to up the ante. Pamela was infuriated and believed Kobe was shortchanging them, especially compared to what he does for Vanessa’s mom, Sofia Laine. Kobe put Sofia up in a $3.2 million house in Newport Beach, CA, which sold recently. After the sale, Kobe moved Sofia to another multi-million dollar mansion nearby. Sources say Kobe’s really upset because he believes he’s stepped up for years, by giving his parents millions of dollars and buying them homes and  cars.

  • Shirley Miller

    This is funny because it is the same when parents strive and become rich or just better off, the kids think the parents owe them something! Lol! When this man gives his wife’s mom something in the article, the article is saying he allowed her to live in these places…hello….mother he is purchasing you a home for which he owes you nothing. Mother Bryant get busy, get your own brand and get your own money and leave his family alone. Do like I did, get an education and come up! It is never too late if you are still living. My children are older them Kobe and I obtained a double Masters AFTER they moved away! Get a Life!