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Did Beyonce Have An Affair With The President?


Singer Clarkson is kissed by U.S. President Obama after her performance during inauguration ceremonies in Washington

There are rumors going around that Beyonce and President Obama had an affair. Here is what they are reporting in the French version of GLAMOUR MAGAZINE. This morning the paparazzi Pascal Rostain invited the largest direct media Jean- Marc Morandini on Europe 1. According to him, the American press [will] disclose tomorrow, Tuesday, February 11, 2014 , a “love affair” between Barack Obama and Beyonce [He explained], “You know, at this time, the United States , there is something big that is happening. Moreover, it will come out tomorrow in an edition of the Washington Post, [so] we can not say the alleged affair between President Barack Obama and Beyoncé is being reported on by the gutter press.” Already last week , the National Enquirer indicated that the U.S. presidential couple was on the verge of divorce and multiplied disputes.

  • Trace

    I hate “unconfirmed” rumors like these that aim to tear down the reputation of others. I will wait to see what information the “American Press” releases but I doubt it will amount to anything more than a few unrelated pictures of the two together at public functions at best. People, remember… don’t but into everything you hear or see on “news outlets.” Most of them are only after your money and attention and what better way to get it than with “breaking news” of a scandal.

  • Annette

    This is ignorant and I hate the fact a black radio station is even entertaining this bs. Why can’t we let our black stars and leaders be great?

  • Angel Cake

    OK you guys need to STOP…..are you all that thirsty for a story line? I mean dang, I can give you a story line if you all are running out!!!! # LeaVEEE Me Alone.

  • Jeannette Terry

    ‘Wow” you guys must really need ratings to talk about this BS!

  • tiffany

    Someone took the show “Scandal” too serious

  • MessStarter

    K104, how dare you sound so desperate to publish ANYTHING from MTO or these other loser publications. Are you rating-starved?