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IJUSTGOTHIT.COM Single Mom Shopping Spree


Christmas is so close and we know the struggle is real especially for single mothers, that’s why DeDe in the Morning and IJUSTGOTHIT.COM teamed up to give this single mom a $500 shopping spree! Listen to her story…


25 Responses to “IJUSTGOTHIT.COM Single Mom Shopping Spree”

  1. Dora Tamez

    Hello my name is Dora Tamez, I’m a single mother of 5. There ages range 14 girl , 12 boy , 11 girl , and 8 year old twins boys . We have faced so many hard ships this year that it would be impossible to give them a Christmas they deserve. They are really good kids , students they deserve the best , but I cannot provide it . This would truly be a blessing for my family . I had major surgery in February, this is what set of back I wasn’t able to work. There father’s aren’t apart of there lives at all . I make due with what we have. I even go to food pantries ,so we can have enough. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Sincerely, Tamez family

  2. Stephany Alexis Kinney

    I’m a mother of 3 just got laid off an I would like to have the opportunity to buy my kids something for christmas

  3. Stephany Alexis Kinney

    Hi guys I’m a huge fan of you guys I’m a mother of 3 boys age 10,4,2 I was just let go from my job which is causing major money issues I have no help an my kids are the best part of me I want to be able to bring them joy by having something for them for Christmas I would like your help to be able to make that happen for my boys!!!

  4. Shadariann Williams

    Single mother 8 year old boy and he want to be every super hero there is. I got laid off from my job and it’s hard finding another one I really want him to have a good Christmas this year.

  5. Jackie Watson

    Single mother of 2. My children are 9 and 4 and I only get enough money to barely pay the bills. I had to get a prepaid electric company due to not enough money coming in and no help from the fathers. My son and daughter are sickly kids and paying for medicine leaves no room to get them presents and I want them to have a good Christmas. Please help me!
    The Watsons

  6. Lena blakemore


  7. Amanda Petrey

    Hello, I’m Amanda. I’m a single, disabled mother to a 2 year old boy. Unfortunately im not able to work. I have dwarfism, among other things.. so it’s kind of a challenge.. i would so appreciate if i could have the help of giving my little boy the best Christmas. Thank y’all. ❤️

  8. Nykesia Richardson

    I’m a disabled mom of 2 ages 12 and 10, I only receive enough money to pay bills and wouldn’t have anything left to buy Christmas present. One dad is incarcerated and child will never see him,and the other just doesn’t help at all. So I have no help. Angel tree was full so I’m stuck trying to figure out Christmas this year. I would appreciate the help it would help a lot and would truly be a blessing this year for Christmas.

  9. Steph Cadin

    Hi this is Steph I’m wanting to enter for the chance for the $500 for the shopping spree for the kids I have a 12 & 15 year old. Our house caught on fire in March and lost alot of our stuff as well as moving in a new apartment then them kicking us out and keeping all the money because our dog so we had to completely relocate here with a family member just to get back on our feet it’s been a rough year for both of them to have to go through everything we have and it would just an amazing blessing to see a smile on their faces ❤️. God bless

  10. Jane Doe

    Hello, My name is Jane Doe. I Have 2 boys 9 and 6 years old. This year hasn’t been the best but next year will be better. I have so much in store for my boys n I. This Christmas I can barely maintain our rent. I asked my sons would they rather have a place to live and call their own or do they want toys for Christmas? They said “Mom long as we have each other”. I know my sons deserve better and I promised them next Christmas will be better. Hopefully you guys can help us out this Christmas. It gave me great joy to hear a possible break. Hopefully we win. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from my boys and I .

  11. Lisa danielle

    Hello my name is Lisa Danielle I’m 19 years old a single mom.
    I’m from Irving Texas I have two babies a one year old who’s birthday is on December 28 three days after Christmas . And a eight month old , this shopping will help me and my kids out so much not just for Christmas but for my daughters birthday also. this year, not even a month ago we had to move back into my mothers house and I’m just not financially stable to give my kids a decent Christmas or my daughters birthday. If it wasn’t for my mom we’d would be homeless id just like to atleast give my daughter and son a good Christmas this year . And the materialistic things don’t matter. The clothes,sock, shoes ect. Clothing wise is what my daughter and son needs .
    Thank you for giving single moms this opportunity for them and there babies . Stuff like this is highly appreciated and very little noticed . God bless y’all k104 family

  12. Ashley Epple

    I am a single mother of a beautiful 2 year old and I was just laid off from my job my daughters birthday was last month and I wasnt able to buy anything for her birthday because all the last bit of my money was spent on Bills and rent I would love to be able to give my daughter an amazing Christmas I never ask for anything but I’m begging for some help I just want my little girl to have the best Christmas!

  13. Renay land

    I am Renay Land and I am a single mom of 2 kids. My daughter is 3 and my son is 2. This is the first Christmas on our own and in between jobs at the moment just recently lost our place that we called home. Its been hard this year especially doing it all on my own with no resources to help. They are amazing kids they literally saved my life three times Clare means so much to me if they had a Christmas so I can show them that Mommy tried and just to see the smile on their faces when they see their presents to unwrap.

  14. renitea lewis

    Your Comment here.Hello I am a single mom/grandmother raising my daughter and my 2 grandsons I work but its not enough for me to pay the bills and have Christmas. Please help..My children are well deserving and as I told them it will come down to us eating or having Christmas. I hate that they will not have Christmas this year. It has been hectic this year and I normally get help from my dad however he had a stroke so has not been able to help like before. Please help me so I can make my grandkids wish come true. Thank you

  15. Lora

    Yes there a lady name lora mims an she has 4 grandchildren an she is a single grandmother really in need of help for Christmas pls an she has had 3 back surgerys an she is also takein care of her mother as well by the grace of god she is a very loveing giving god fearing lady don’t complain about nothing all she ask is that her grandkids get a big Christmas

  16. Tanycia Baker

    Hello My name is Tanycia Baker I’m a single mother of 3 kids ages 3,11 and 15. I recently lost my job due to being ill and out on leave. It has been very difficult trying to make ends meet and pay my regular bills on top of Christmas coming. My kids are so happy about Christmas and this year has just not been the same knowing I can provide our regular day to day bills yet alone be able to afford to buy Christmas gift for my children due to losing my job and have no other income. If I was selected this would make my children truly happy and would help lift my spirits to know my children would have a great Christmas. My children have been really good this year and I would truly be thankful of this blessing for them if selected. Tanycia Baker 214-518-3413

  17. Dana Delgado

    Hi I’m a huge fan of k104!! I’m a mom of four kids ages 11, 9, 6 and a six month old! This year even though where on the broke side we have all decided to buy toys for kids in need! Teaching our kids to be selfless and it’s an amazing feeling. It’d be great to get this opportunity to help with that! The gift to give to others! Thank you!!! ❤️

  18. Coffina Hye Watson

    Hello. My name is Coffina H. Watson.
    I have 2 younger boys 8 and 10.
    This year was very hard. My son was recently diagnosed with ADHD & AUTISM. He sees a psychiatrist and Therapist when needed.
    In june I had to leave a job due to the school always calling. He would also run off at times cops got involved.

    I still would work as much as I could.
    At times I would get very overwhelmed but I managed rent and other bills.
    Money has been very tight .
    I have recently applied to another job but first check dont come till the holiday and rent is due again.
    We usually have good Christmases.

    I dont have much family here and the help I get I appreciate .

    So, I hope that k104 can help us.
    Merry Christmas
    Happy New Year

  19. Alexis Chacon

    Hello My name is Alexis Chacon,
    I am a single mother of 2 boys ages 10 & 2. My family was effected by covid in September myself and son had to be quarantined for 10 days due to two positive cases. That caused me to miss work unpaid. I am finally getting back on my feet but it would be amazing to have a better Christmas this year for them as we have struggled to make it this far after our financial down fall and my son has just had a tough year with feeling unsure of himself being in a higher grade while having dyslexia . We are a vaccinated family but that didn’t stop covid from happening to us. Thank you The Chacon family

  20. Leeanne Jones

    Hi Didi my name is Leanne, I’m a single mother of three young boys ages 7, 5 and 3. We are currently having a really rough time with Christmas being right around the corner, apparently having a trampoline in my backyard is a major lease violation so now we have until the end of the month to get out of our house. My oldest son‘s birthday is actually tomorrow December 8 and he will be seven years old. With trying to find us a new home and celebrating his birthday it’s very hard for me to be able to provide a great Christmas for my boys this year.I would love to be considered for the single mothers help for Christmas this year, may God bless you all, thank you

  21. Barbara Clark

    Hello You guys I listen to y’all every morning I take my kids to school. Y’all make me forget what I’m going through in the moment and make me laugh every morning. I have heard these last few years of how you bless single moms at Christmas time and I told my daughter that I actually need that this year. I try my hardest to do everything for my kids but life has just hit me so left this past year since the pandemic. I took on my grandmother since she can’t take care of herself anymore and I found out something terrible with my kids earlier this year and I have done everything thing possible to keep my mental afloat. When I tell you that as a mother of a son and a daughter the pin I have endured I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy if I had one. My son got curious as most of us do at the age of 14 and touched on his sister ( my daughter,12yr) and I had to turn him in so we all could get the proper help needed. My son does not stay with me at the moment because he can’t and my heart has had it when it comes to these holidays having to take turns with my kids and having one or the other. I have been working at the same hospital for the last 9 going on 10 years and when the pandemic hit I started working over time and with the whole world shutting down is when this traumatic event occurred. With my kids being biracial I’m scared that the system might try and hit my son with some BS and it’s in Plano where everything took place. So not only am I trying to keep myself together I’m starting to stay strong for my kids and take care of my grandmother as well and try to work as much as I can in the process. I am asking for y’all’s help this year because I really need it.I have always gave gave and gave and now I’m asking for help for the first time in life when it comes to my kids. I just want to get them something nice so they can just be kids and not worry about anything else in the moment. I really didn’t mean to comment my whole life story currently but I didn’t know how else to explain it. Thank you all for being so great every morning it really means a lot to hear y’all and make jokes and just live life.❤️

  22. Karlisha mcfarland

    Hello my name is Karlisha and I listen to yall morning show every morning I jus love everyone from the show but my concern is yall helping with Christmas I’m a single mom and it’s hard I have no money my kids will not be seeing Christmas I’m outta work my baby father don’t pay his Childsupport it’s a lonely cold Christmas for my children I don’t ask or expect a pitty party I doesn’t feel sorry for myself because I no I have children and I have to do what I got to do I do it by all means nessessary rather it’s a lot or little my kids or so grateful for anything as long as they have a Christmas I don’t have any family support it’s jus me and my kids we live in our car or we go to a friends house it’s jus hard time I’m jus askin for a little help that way my kids can at least see Christmas

  23. Amada

    Hi my name is Amada and i have been out on Medical leave since March. I hav3 had 2 surgeries on my head, biopsy and my back it has been very difficult for us my girls are 6, 10, and 14 i am drowning in debt and barely able to make ends meet at this time. Days get so bad I cant even get out of bed sometimes. This year my 10 year old has said she wont be asking for any gifts just that i get better and able to pay our bills and not be homeless. My girls need a day of happinedd when they have not been able to enjoy themselved worrying about my health. We are not asking for much just a little help.

  24. Krystal Young

    I’m a single mother up three beautiful kids who have not always had it easy I’ve struggled most my life growing up and I’m still struggling now with my kids they all have the same father who unfortunately passed away due to gun violence 3 years ago almost their ages are 14 Christopher 13 Kai’Den & 10 my baby girl Kamryn. Had my life planned out had my soulmate r kids and no worries now I’m a single mother barely making ends meet don’t know how I’m going to get my kids Christmas presents I live off of about $530 the months do to each of my kids receiving check for their dad being deceased which each check is 183. SSI . I’ll be so grateful if someone can help me get my kids the white Christmas they deserve I don’t have the money to buy Naruto jacket are a new PlayStation they don’t even have a PlayStation. Or a remote control my son wants a phone and the less I can give them the less I feel like a human-like feel so depressed anyways I thank you for listening and even if I don’t get blessed we don’t get blessed we still have each other and like I told my kids I’m DaMom and just be grateful or whatever we do have and I’m sorry that I can’t make their life better I’m trying the best I can wow what a blessing it would be to give them a white Christmas thank you

  25. Ronysha

    Hello i am a single parent of three amazing kids two girls age 7 and 11( severe learning disabilities ) and one boy 10 things have been soo very hard even before covid … My children’s dad decided he wanted to be a rapper instead of a parent so he quit his job and me and my children went back and forth between shelters depending on availability … Currently staying with my grandmother my two oldest have made numerous list for Christmas tablets phones other electronic devices but my seven year old daughter said to me mommy i dont want any toys i just want my own room with my own bed and it makes me cry every day especially since the day is approaching not to mention she made a Christmas calendar and every morning before she make a x on the current day …. I would greatly appreciate any help and it would definitely be a blessing my children and myself or any other single mom i love the work you all do its not alot of people or business that will … God bless you all


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