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IJUSTGOTHIT.COM $500 Single Mom Shopping Spree


IJUSTGOTHIT.COM and DeDe in the Morning are spreading the holiday cheer! Check out this single mom being blessed with a $500 shopping spree…

4 Responses to “IJUSTGOTHIT.COM $500 Single Mom Shopping Spree”

  1. Ellen davis

    I am trying to sign up for my brother grandchildren he work hard everyday trying to help take care of his grandchildren and trying to buy them some thing for Christmas and trying to get out of debt he having a hard time because he works late hour and trying to get one of them to school and pick him up from school, he has to put gas in two cars and have money for work all week and support his daughter with getting food for the kids and gas to pick the kids up, just trying to give the kids a wonderful Christmas like any other children for a chance please help it would really be a blessing for the children to wake up and see Christmas for a chance knowing granddad still love them and doing his best for them.

  2. breanne mailloux

    I’m reaching out on behalf of my boyfriend. He is a single father of four. His children are 5,6,15 & 17. His teenager’s mother just recently passed and he’s really struggling to make ends meet. His children are amazing and such a blessing and it would mean so much to him (and I) if we could receive a Christmas miracle to help them have a little more gifts under the tree this Christmas. Thank you for your consideration.


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