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Helping Single Moms


To all single moms, we are here for you. Today DeDe in the Morning blessed a single mom with a $500 shopping spree to Toys R Us. She is having a hard time and doing her very best to provide for her children. Her story was very touching. [Listen Below]

  • simone marino

    Very touching I know the struggle my daughter Emilie is 10 and I’ve been a single mom all her life and yes there is a struggle we go through and I’ve seen my share of ups and downs. I was fortunate enough that a lot of the downs had been when she was younger up until this year. I’ve never had to shelter my child while I remain virtually homeless, barely eating, and tired most of the time, I can’t remember the last time I had an actual meal. She eats well tho. I do see her off to school and spend time after school, and tuck her in at night. It’s not the same tho, we were abandoned and I was already working on my debts and I just couldn’t keep our roof any longer I put up a good fight increased my debt. I know the struggle for single mom’s, this Christmas my daughter is wanting a home from Santa… I had to tell her that miracles do happenh but just in case Santa can’t fit that in his slay what else would you like… So of course she wants an iPhone, books about zombies mostly, jurassic world movie A HUGE WANT and art stuff… Not sure if I can make all that happen but hopefully the miracle of the angel tree will help a bit. My biggest goal is the movie, but I’ll settle for seeing a smile on her face and she’s easily pleased. I know now truly why I always donated to toys for tots, through girl scouts for several years for many causes and knew that i was helping someone. I think it’s great that y’all are doing what you are I just so happen to turn the radio on and hear on my way home to look at the site. Y’all have a Merry Christmas!

  • Dominica

    Love to hear that single moms can get help for their children during the holidays when we need help the most. As a single mom myself I would love to get help for my girls during the holidays. I have two little girls ages five and eleven months old who would enjoy what ever help they can get. I work very hard to get by and do all I can to see my girls enjoy their life because it’s all about them. I would just enjoy their smile on Christmas day when they open up their gifts. Thank you all and have a blessed day.

    • Dominica

      If you are still blessing single moms in need I would love to get your help 9095437279.Thank you.

    • Dominica Griffin

      If you are still blessing single moms in need I would love to get your help 9095437279. I have two little girls who is give my world to and it’s just been hard during these holiday season with everything else I have to take care of. My oldest is five and my youngest is 12 months with a birthday in January This would be a true blessing for a single mom work works morning and still works after 6pm once home with my two girls .Thank you.

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  • Latanya Metcalfe

    I am a single mom I have move here to Texas to bring my children together and have a new beginning with my daughter and my son. Look I know it a lot of single parents out here and the struggles are real First my check get garnish for back child support and i was able since i moved here with my daughter destiny. to save 1200 hundred dollars to get us move in our own apartment plus Get us a car as well. We have no beds and no furniture as well the little change i Did have got us a air to sleep on. I am not able just as yet to go back to Jackson Mississippi to get our clothes or my Bed that i had to leave. The past four year we have moved 26 times in one state but I’ve managed to keep her in school and also get two associate degrees one of them is in Medical billing and coding and the other is Business Management. I am trying to take online classes now so I can bachelors degree in Business. This Christmas I’m praying that i can give my daughter a wonderful Christmas I listen to your show and its great how you are able to bless these women with this gift and i wanted to know if you can bless me and my children as well. I’m on a very tight budget when i say tight it tight but I’m trying to keep a roof over her head so we don’t have to keep moving its nothing like your own. If God wasn’t in my life i would have fail. But i know he is always with me. So when i get a set back its a set up for a come up. So if you can please get we get a wonderful Christmas i don’t want her to wake up with nothing under a tree but just to keep this real we don’t have a tree or decorations this is how tight my budget is I work at Walmart off berry in the bakery department. I thank god for getting this job to me just because working with them got us our own place to stay and a car to get around in. PLEASE HELP a SINGLE MOM CRY KEEP US PRAYED UP.

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  • Delisha english

    Is it to late to sign up

  • Jocelyn Jamison

    Hi is there anyway I can still sign up? I heard about the single mother toys r us $500 shopping spree give away

  • Deborah lee

    I would like to recommend my mother for a shopping spree we recently lost our sister to brain cancer n she’s now raising her 2 daughter 6 an 7 years old. N still crystal for their mother my mom does work much do to depression but still walks in her Faith she also raised 6 of her own children as a single mother with no government help are child support. ..watching her work 2 job for 30 years must have been rough please Bless her .Adero 469 324 8380

  • Kimberly Pichardo

    Hi my name is Kimberly, I would love to win some toys for my 1 year old! I’ve been having it hard. Don’t have a job and recently had to drop out of cosmetology school because of my lupus and other medical appointments. So if you can tell me what I have to do to win plz let me know!

  • Mary Christina Loya

    Hi my name is Christina I’m 35 I would love to see how is feels to win something never won anything I live in a 1bdrm motel with my 3 kids I work at whataburger making $9 hr raising 3 kids on my own paying weekly and try my best to get what my kids need but its so very hard doing it on my own and staying in a broke down motel and this Christmas is going to be very hard on me to see my kids not open anything it would be a blessing to me and especially my kids to win this I would love to see my kids so happy this Christmas to have presents under the tree plz help me

  • alicia king

    Hello my name is alicia king my a 31 year old single mother of 3 i only have custody of 2 of my children i work at jack in the box making 7.25 n and hour….. Currently going house to house motel to motel with to of my children….. I try my best to provide for all 3 of my kids n would luv to give mh kids the christmas they deserve but between sleeping in rooms n eat day to day i cant afford it…… I would to give them the christmas that they deserves if u could help please contact me at 2142531342 r 9722251588 [email protected]

  • theresafranklin

    My name is Theresa Franklin from Fort Worth TX. I am a single mother of 3 childern 8year old little girl, 5 year old little boy, and a new born Dec 5 2015. I been on best rest most of the year during my pregnancy and still on bed rest. I am heart broken bc my childern will be with out for christmas. I always been the one given and given. Now i need help. I am on a fix income and got approve for an apartment all bills paid and would love to move in by christmas only $749 to move. Been trying to get help with that. This just the short version of it all. Please if any help at all I would app6822034030reciated it truly for my babies. God bless us all. [email protected].

  • keniya garrett

    My Name is Keniya Garrett I Am 17 Years Old and Its Been Really Hard Juggling School And Working To Support My Son . It Just Seem Like I Can’t Put In Enough Hours To Even Shower Him With My Apperciation . Could you please help Me Give My Son The Best First Christmas It Would Really Mean A lot To Me . I Just want to give my son a Christmas I never got . Thank You


    Hello- I just text 55000 and it came back un-deliverable so I am not sure if this is the place to register!
    i would like to honorably request for some assistance for my daughter she is a single mom of 3 a 10year old daughter and twin boys that are 4. although my daughter works she still struggles with necessities and basic day to day things for her and her children. I usually can step in and help by I LOST MY JOB OF 7years due to company downsizing so I too am feeling the wrath of consistant income. my daughter is a very good mom she recently completed her master’s degree for the betterment of their livelihood at this time she a active child support case open but father states he not working at this time ( no support) I am asking if you guy’s could please help her this year! I do have a layaway at toys r us in hopes that they do not put it back I will not get unemployment until next wed. thanking you in advance for any assistance.

    my best,

  • tracey

    Hi my name is Tracey. I am a 45 yr old single grandma with custody thru CPS of my grandkids. They are ages 1,2,3,and 4. I spent my last to get us a one bedroom apartment on Dec. 1st. Can someone please help me for Christmas. Please call me or email me at [email protected] or 2542164603. I text 55000 and it came back undeliverable. Please help me. Thank you and God bless

  • danielle

    Hi, I’m Danielle. I have a son that’s year old, and a daughter that’s three. My son has cerebral palsy, I haven’t had a working phone to call it’s been off for 2 months. I use that money to get my son diapers and wipes and food. I try everything to get what they need. They don’t have much, they need winter clothes more than anything. Their father is in prison I don’t get financial help from anyone on that side of the family. My mom is only able to get them 2 things cause she has to buy a gateway Walker for his disability. They never had a real Christmas before and I want them to finally have one and not feel left out from other parts of the family. My daughter cried the last two years from not getting anything when she watched her cousins do Christmas. That was probably the most heart breaking experience of my life. I pray everything will work out this year. I’d greatly appreciate for some help. If you could email me, [email protected]. thank you.

  • TaxiGirlDFW

    Hello, Will you please help this lady and her 2 year old daughter get to Chicago? Her mother died today. She had planned on traveling to Chicago yesterday but, while her and her brother were out washing clothes, their place was broken into and all of her money and everything was taken.. Now, she is hurting and cannot get to Chicago to be around her family. She needs to be near her mom. Please help her get home. Her name is Shayla her number is 7735406345. Please help her with Southwest flight to Chicago for tomorrow. Please Please Please.

  • Hailey

    Hello, I would like to recommend my mom for the shopping spree. We just moved back to Texas (from Ohio) in July to be closer to family. My mom said we can either have Christmas or a house. She doesn’t have enough to get both. She was a bartender for years and just got another job. I hate to see her struggling and would love to surprise her with this opportunity for my 12 year brother. He really loves Legos, hot wheels and so much more. She is also feels that she needs to get her 1 year old ONLY nephew Christmas gifts because her sister isn’t going to have anymore kids. She is super upset that she isn’t able to get Christmas this year. Her name is Sherri and her number is 6143169210 my name is Hailey, I’m her daughter my number is 6142850462. Please please help us out! I would love to surprise her with this awesome opportunity.

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