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Happy Teachers Appreciation Day


Today is National Teachers Day!! Were taking the time to honor all teachers for their special contributions in a particular field area, or their community in general. Who’s your favorite teacher? DeDe in the Morning lets you know what teachers made the biggest impact on their lives. [Listen Below]

55 Responses to “Happy Teachers Appreciation Day”

  1. Sidney McKerrow

    Hello my name is Sidney! While I’m not sure if someone is going to read this, or award my teacher this prize, I would like to brag about the most amazing person that I am so lucky to call my teacher. I just wanted to take the time to enter one of the most amazing woman that has come into my life. Mrs. Issa is a math and Arabic teacher at Ursuline Academy of Dallas. This year will be the second year that I am going to have her. I cannot put into words how much I love and appreciate all that she has done for me. In the classroom she always puts forth 100% of her effort into the students. Even when the class isn’t listening very well or paying attention to her, she makes the lesson more fun for everyone. For example if the class isn’t listening to her teaching the lesson, instead of getting mad, she comes up with an more fun way for everyone, like a Kahoot or Jeoprady game. Or even when she doesn’t feel 10% she still puts forth 100%. This year she has not only worked her butt off while teaching during the pandemic but also had her own family to take care of and worry about. I am glad to have this opportunity to make my appreciation more known. I would like more people to know how amazing this woman actually is. I have been searching for ways to show more of my appreciation towards her and I think this could be one. While money isn’t everything, I think it could add a little bit of happiness into her life. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you can recognize how much I appreciate my teacher.

  2. Malinda diggs

    Hello my name is Malinda Diggs my big brother Ced and sister Summer is a teacher at Crowley and they go beyond being the best teachers every they still couching sports and working with each student to make for sure the economy doesn’t effect there students future they have two kids of there ow but non the less make sure they look out for the class and students even though the COVID has played a big role as to keeping so many teacher away my brother and sister still go and take the risk

  3. Contrenia Jefferson

    I want to nominate my strong black co-worker Shamela Thompson who is currently attending college at Texas A&M Commerce pursuing her degree in Organizational Leadership. She’s also a special Education Assistant. She is so dedicated to our students, she’s the first one here and the last one to leave. Her dedication is seen in all she does for our school and for our peers. She’s juggling a full plate and she does it all with a smile even if she’s living paycheck to paycheck she’s making sure she is giving her degree her all and she will be the first in her family to earn a degree and go on to impact so many lives for the special population of students she serves.

  4. Johnnie Abernathy-Hobbs

    My daughter-in-law, Kamesha Hobbs is a first grade teacher at Rains Elementary in Emory, Texas. All of her students and their parents love her unconditionally. She has three sons of her own; one in high school, another one in Junior High and the third one in intermediate school. However she still finds time to go that extra mile for all of her students, at school, and other children in the community and around the city. Kamesha has served as a role model and mentor for all of the students that she teaches, past and present. She provides encouragement to all children; and, makes them feel special extremely important.Kamesha inspires all children to reach for the stars.

  5. Helen Garcia

    Hi My name is Helen Garcia
    I would like to nominate Mr.Smith from Billy Earl Dade middle school for teacher of the year he is the most caring, loving teacher he goes above and beyond for his kids and I mean all his kids. When he realized that it was my granddaughters birthday by the afternoon he has a party going for her pizza,drinks,candy you name they had it all…. When it was time for her physical to participate in sports and I was having trouble getting her a physical he went above and beyond to get her that physical…. If I could have him follow her thru high school that would be the most awesome thing ever… This man here deserve to win… I know he spends his own money on these kids and as we all know teachers don’t get paid enough…. So here’s to you Mr. Smith cas you really deserve it… Thank you so much K104 for this opportunity…

  6. Jaqualyn fleming

    Hello my name is jaqualyn and I am an alumni from Young Men’s Leadership academy location in the stop six community in Fort Worth. I would like to nominate one of my old teachers . Angel smith is a English teacher . A women who puts her all into her work . Comes extremely early and would literally be the last to leave the building everyday. She is also the school photographer, mother, counselor , and sister to most. No matter what type of day she have , whether it’s good or bad she still keeps a smile and provide the best help for those you are in need . She is a strong believer in Christ and her spirit is just loving and I really think the entire school itself can vouch for her. In the past there wasn’t much I could do but once I heard this opportunity. I had to do what I felt is best because she deserves this if nothing else. Thanks so much


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