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Ezekiel’s Accuser Has Proof


The woman who accused Dallas Cowboy’s Ezekiel Elliot of attacking her on 3 separate occasions, now has proof! To see pictures of the brusing… [Click Here]


Here’s what listeners had to say…[Listen Below]

  • Beau Valdivia

    Dee Dee, Michella shawn (if I spelled your names wrong oh well) and the rest of you are ignorant. This woman has been proved to lie via text messages releases of her not only lying but of her telling friends to lie about abuse. Not only that but if you’re being hit EVERYWHERE why are the bruises she sustained in places my own girlfriend has gotten bruises and has no idea how they got there. On top of that this “911 call” sounds fake as hell. She been being beat for 5 days and sounds that calm!? Not to mention this girl is a troublemaker and it’s a fact that she got into at least 1 fight with a girl at a bar that I am aware of… how do you know she isn’t claiming photos of the injuries sustained in that fight are injuries she got from zeke. She’s a known liar and conspirer!!! Yet you sit on your publicly syndicated show slandering this man and you don’t even have all your facts straight. Never will I listen to your show again. You’re garbage. Woman claim false rapes and a vast number of other claims all the time is it really impossible to believe this bottom feeder isn’t. And I haven’t even gone I to the subject if the white kicker who admitted he BEAT his wife over 20 times and they suspended him for 1 game. GTFOH!!!

    • Beau Valdivia

      I mean really these photos show bruises on her knee, elbow, wrists… yet he’s been hitting her everywhere.. lol your claims, those photos and that 911 call are a joke.

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