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“Eye” Can’t Believe This


DeDe’s Date Fail: Clay met a girl named Tia on Tinder and the two had their first date at TGI Fridays. According to Tia, he wasn’t super tall and that was ok but she couldn’t handle the fact that he wasn’t truthful about…[Listen Below]

  • Shannon

    I will no longer be listening to this radio station after listening this morning. I am disgusted at the childish comments made toward Clay. I am a nurse and have 2 small children and I could not imagine anyone treating them the way he was treated this morning. I deal with many sad situations in my line of work but to tease and humiliate someone because of a physical condition is childish and disgusting, it is not “funny” or entertaining. It is never okay to tease, humiliate or bully…not okay for our president not okay for our media or you. What was worse was to hear the childish laughter in the background. I hope I can raise children who treat people with respect and kindness and I would be embarrassed for them to hear such things from adults. Please consider your very privileged position before you abuse it in this irresponsible manner.

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