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Drama At The BET Awards Between Nicki Minaj And Iggy Azalea [Listen Now]



There was drama between Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea at the BET Awards. Nicki told BET that she would perform at the awards but she doesn’t want Iggy to perform even though she has the #1 song in the country. Jade thinks Iggy stole Nicki’s sound. Who would you rather see perform? (Listen Below)

  • Mark Paul Anthony

    IF this is “for real”, I would say Hip Hop has seen it’s final decline. Between East coast-west coast, Lil Kim & Foxy Brown, Drake & Chris Brown….and onward to white’s against blacks, females against females… the artists, fans and media themselves are digging a grave so quickly that the respect is all loss….and with the decline of respect, comes decline of cred. and follows the fine decline of the genre- this is not new but the wings shall all finally snap- a damn shame!

  • Mark Paul Anthony

    Both Nicki and Iggy are listed on BET as performers.: Rewriting this as : Drama At Between Nicki Minaj And Iggy Azalea ….damn media

  • KillerPanda

    I saw this “beef” coming miles away. Iggy Azalea is talented and creating a LOT of buzz. Nicki should’ve kept the clown thing going. Despite her lack of talent and terrible personality(ies?), it made her hard to miss.

  • queen

    bitch u sound stupid nicki has way more talent that iggy who does not even write her own manuactured songs. she has 1 hit. yawnnn