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Dez Bryant Is Holding Out


Everyone is talking about the Dez Bryant situation. Dez is considering sitting out for the time being until he is offered more money and a long term contract. DeDe in the Morning goes in and says he is going to end up missing out on a lot of money! What are your thoughts on the situation? [Listen Below]

46 Responses to “Dez Bryant Is Holding Out”

  1. Charles H. Ridgeway

    Cowboys fan since the 1970’s and retired Marine so I know a little about loyalty and working a job for possibly making less than your skills or ability may be worth. I am upset with both Dez and the Cowboys. Cowboys administration either need to take a class on loyalty, understanding of all ethnic/financial or cultural backgrounds or higher someone with my experience or background as a Principal Advisor. Dez Bryant has “earned” a long term contract with a clause over the last two seasons. He is arguably the best receiver and one if the best “freak” athletes in sports today which is why there is so much controversy over some catches he has made. I would take him in combat with me because he unlike many people today is dedicated to his T.E.A.M. and he inspires others around him. I have served with talented Marines just like him and knew I had ti keep small unit leaders with him that had high morals and diverse cultural background understanding. I would make sure his clause covers him on injuries but cover my organization on his off the field actions. How the hell are you going to give Tony Romo the contract that he received as our “leader” with many losing results knowing we have to handle other key personnel contracts who have been as consistent!? I like Romo but that was not a smart move and seems it was make with emotions instead of the great business minds that the Jones family possess. Hire me to advise because though I love the T.E.A.M. I would advise without emotions and I can relate to all ethnic backgrounds, etc. Dez needs to understand that he put himself in the situation that he is in because of history and I have a feeling that though he has won an award a couple of years ago for off the field character things, something has likely been “cleaned up” by the organization recently. He needs to get on the field under the 13 million “Franchise Tag” with an injury protection clause to show his dedication and lead from the front. He should remember this an opportunity to get more endorsements because he plays for arguably the most recognized sports organization in the country. The Cowboys name and his rare “freakish” Bird, Jordan, Magic, LeBron and Kobe level skills and attitude will make mad off the field money. If gives in to the Cowboys administration with a clause and they still don’t pay him top dollar, walk next season. His skills and education without football would not make him 13 million and the Cowboys are not as exciting without Dez so they need to both stop being stubborn. They need to stop allowing this to become a soap opera on social media, etc and get back to Cowboys legacy type football organization. Together Everyone Achieves More!!! Cowboys fan for life!!!


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