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DeDe’s Voicemail


DeDe in the Morning has a new voicemail feature on the show. If there is something you like or dislike, or maybe you have questions, leave a voicemail. One listener said…[Listen Below]

  • Brandon Hutchins

    Really need the help. I have a family of 8 and me and my spouse have fell so far in the whole we can’t even be thankful for living. We love each other but the stress has us blaming each other. I’ve been on workers comp with no pay or treatment for 18 months. I pray GOD placed a ram in the bush but all I see is sand. I feel I failed my family because I want to work but can’t. The rent due holidays are coming and we keep getting set back. Hopefully you remember me and my son with the eyes. My life is a mess I’m over 8000 in debt and we are near being homeless again after leaving Houston to start over and getting caught in the flood now we are back to face what we tried to leave. We have no family all we have is each other. My spirit lead me to this and I hope it’s not in vain. Can anyone lend a hand. I hate to confess and make my business public. But I no longer have pride just love for my family

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