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It goes down in the DM especially in DeDe in the Morning’s! A young lady contacted DeDe abut her mom using a handicap sticker, but the mom isn’t handicap. The girl gets really embarrassed by her mom parking in handicap and sometimes even faking a limp, the daughter is tempted to report her mom to authorities and doesn’t know what she should do. You have to hear what advice the team and some listeners gave the young girl….

Click to listen and laugh!

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  1. Anonymous

    You guys really need to get more educated about the “covid19” situation and stop spreading fear. You’ve become an obstacle to the constitution and law as we know it, and a cog to a political agenda the only wants you surrender your rights as an American. You are sadly falling right into formation. You are sheep being led to slaughter, and sadly enough you’re so uneducated to the matter. I can cite plenty of Harvard graduates who may are apart of independent research that are not government funded. You keep spreading the fear, and thus you are (as bad as you talk about Trump…) a puppet. You all claim to be an individual, yet you continue to spread the word of Trump. You are a puppet, playing a game that is bigger than you. Cease and desist immediately. Unabomber and the protesters in Michigan are not wrong. You have been led astray. It’s not your fault. But you have the opportunity to come back. Stop this propaganda and fear spreading… Your looking like a joke.


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