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DeDe’s Date Fail


Could you go on a date with some one on an $18 budget? You have to hear what happen on DeDe’s Date Fail only with DeDe in the Morning!

3 Responses to “DeDe’s Date Fail”

  1. Eartha Washington

    I wish to have a great Christmas for my granddaughter for my grandson and a little girl that I am adopting I have been doing things on my on without a job it has been very very hard for me to so the only thing I’m asking for is to have a good Christmas for them and I pray that it will come true with K104 and thank you God bless you. And I have been praying for my grandson to come back home he came back home and I thank God for that so if I could I would like to bring back all the days and years that he has not been here with us so I am asking to have a good Christmas for him to thank

  2. Tanjy Washington

    I am wishing for a merry Christmas for my son and my youngest son and my daughter her birthday is December 24th she is looking forward to have a good birthday Christmas and I am hoping that you could help me with my Christmas with my kids all I want is for them to have a smile on their face and see them happy so if you can please help me with Christmas thank you

  3. Latanya Michelle Green

    It’s me and my son he’s 16 and I’ll be struggling to get things for me and him this year it is so hard for me to get in with Christmas stuff so I will really appreciate a little bit of hell


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