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DeDe’s Cash Out Winner


DeDe in the Morning is trying to get you paid! DeDe’s Cash Out is back and she’s giving out $1000 a day. Congrats to todays winner, Taylor Young from Mansfield! Here’s how she found out that her name was called…[Listen Below]

  • Latanya Metcalfe

    Latanya Metcalfe call me for da 1000

  • Feliciano Carrillo

    Feliciano Carrillo call me for the 1000

  • Christin Taylor

    Christin Taylor call me for the $1000

  • Kiva Wells

    Kiva Wells Call me for the $1000

  • Danielle Crane

    Sydney Cane Call me for the $1000

  • Jamien Jackson

    Hi. Let me get in in that thousand dollars give away Jamien Jackson

  • Cedric King Stephens

    Hello, i would like to winner thousand dollars Cedric King Stephens

  • Mildred hinton

    O how I would live to win that 1000

  • James Eaton

    How you doing my name is Valencia Johnson and I would be very blessed if I win because I will take my kids to get new shoes and out to eat. Thanks Valencia Johnson pray I win God Bless.

  • Araceli Rodriguez

    Araceli Rodriguez call me for the $1,000

  • Kassandra Arteaga

    Kassandra Arteaga
    Don’t worry about pronouncing the last name lol.
    $1000 can go far, and it is needed!

  • Jose Galvan

    Jose Galvan I can sure use $1,000 right now

  • Jessica N Campbell

    How do I sign up? My name is Jessica Campbell

  • Ashley

    Tracy Littlejohn Call me for the $1000

  • Tony Kernodle

    Call me Tony Kernodle i need money

  • Katlin Vanessa Lopez

    Call me please, my name is Katlin Lopez and I would love to win $1,000, so I can fix my car and take me sister and brother out to eat and have fun. Please and thanks.

  • Ashlie Bradley

    Hi !! I’m Ashlie Bradley please call me for the $1000 , my 4 Kids will definitely be getting all that spent on them !! 😊

  • Bruce Bostick

    If i win $1000, I’m spending spring break visiting my daughter in Florida.

  • Sarah Denton

    Hey DeDe!! I need $1000 dollars just like everyone else…times are super tough…but I pray you call my name so that I have a boost getting my life in order. Im a 26 year old working mother of an amazing little boy, and it would take so much weight off of my shoulders to be your next winner. Keep bringing smiles to each morning! Hope to speak with you soon!

  • Elizabeth Lewis

    I need that money!!!!

  • Anijhia wright

    Call me for 1000. Please I want take my parents out to eat and give them what they gave me .LOVE.❤️

  • Monica alvarez

    I would love to when it will help me so much going through this incident that my son had on New Years Day 2016 .I’m blessed that he’s here and this will help for awhile ,while I’m off work. And something nice for my kids.Never entered to win on any stations. Always had that in my head I will never win good luck to me hopefully I’ll get called.

  • ericka

    my name ericka i would love to win 1000s catch up bills and spend on my baby!!!

  • Courtney Narey

    Winning this means I could my car fixed for me and my children!!! I live in waxahachie

  • Erica McClendon

    If I had the opportunity to win the 1000 it’s would be such a blessing I use the money so I could get a lawyer so I could get my two little girls back and use a little bit to get some stuff for the baby girl I have on the way. I would just cry if I could win just so I can get this lawyer I just want my kids so I can have my family together and be a mother to my little ladies <3 <3 <3

  • Travis

    My name is Travis goodwin I live in weatherford if I could win $1000 I would put a down payment on my very first home! I would also spoil my 9 month old!

  • Johnny Watkins

    Johnnt watkins i would love to take my wife out

  • Connie Guardiola

    Good luck to everyone especially to the ones who really need the money for very serious situation 👍

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