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DeDe In The Morning $1000 Dollar Minute Game!


With less then 10 seconds on the clock and two questions left to correctly answer, could you get them right if they were worth One thousand Dollars? You have to hear how lucky this listener got! Everyday you have two chances to win $1000 all you have to do is call DeDe in the Morning and Play the Thousand Dollar Mimnute Game, you have answer 10 easy questions correctly in 60 seconds but if you can do that you could win a stack. Get ready for your next chance to win, listen to DeDe in the Morning!

22 Responses to “DeDe In The Morning $1000 Dollar Minute Game!”

  1. Daniel Santiago

    I was on the 1000 dollar minute game on 6/11/19 but never heard myself

  2. Christy Smith

    I am so feeling like i could be a winner in the 1000 dollar minute game! I just want to make sure I’m calling the correct number, please send me the correct number/numbers to dial. I hear Dee Dee, and Jade recite a different number when listening in the morning. Please help, I want to be your next winner. Thank you.

  3. Vanessa

    October 31st the guy spell the word correctly right as the buzzer was going off I’ve listened to this show and you’ve giving people credit he should have gotten credit for that he should have won that thousand dollars but that’s just my opinion because he did spell the word correctly

    • Nene

      You just call the show in the morning when they tell you to around 6:10am and if you didn’t hear yourself it’s bc they pic to callers one is played at 6:20 the other at 920

  4. Justin Clopp

    I played this game last Friday and won $60. I was told they would call me back to get payment info from me. Still haven’t heard from them.

  5. Sarah Moore

    Hi I was on the Dee Dee in the Morning Trivia, i got five answers right, they said they’d call me back to get my information and I havn’t gotten a call back? How long should I wait?? Thank you very much

  6. Brittany lewis

    Hit me up I wanna play I have a passion for trivia you never know I might win….

  7. Trezavant

    I’m a Mother of 4 / College student that needs the help for my children . I’m working towards my goals in life & a little financial support will help out alot right now !


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