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Child Support Attorney Cathy Middleton with DeDe in the Morning


Legal advice can be expensive unless you listen to DeDe in the Morning! The team had child support attorney Cathy Middleton come in and answer your questions about the child support system.
Listen to find out if any of your concerns were addressed…



6 Responses to “Child Support Attorney Cathy Middleton with DeDe in the Morning”

  1. Khyell lloyd

    DeeDee!! Please Please ! I need help with a child support and custody case that I currently have a lawyer but he is terrrible. I’m ready to give up please. Would Mrs. Cathy help my number is +15857468199

  2. Latoya Holmon

    Hi Good Morning Cathy My NAME I Latoya, I’m Writing Because I Literally Have (2) Two Positive Father’s In System As Being My Father But I Only Did DNA With Only (1) One Of The Men. My Mother Passed Away (3) Three Years Ago And The Man Who I Did DNA Test With He Saying He’s Not My Father That This Other Man Is My Father Once My Grandmother Passed Away He Came With All These Tampered PAPERWORK Saying He’s Not WHEN We Did DNA And It Was Established He Was My Father. But Soon As My Grandmother Passed He Went Around Saying The Paperwork Was Left In My Grandmother Wheel With My Name On It I NEVER Seen The Wheel That Was Left With My Name And All. This Is A Deep Story Please Help Me. I Don’t Know Witch Way To Go I’ve Been Working On This Since 2007 Please Help Me I Wish I Can Meet You In Person And Show You Everything This Is Deeper Then Rape And Water As They Say This Story Is Really Deep All Because Of His Wife I Didn’t Asked To Be Here..

  3. Christopher Jones

    Hi, my name is CJ me and my wife have been separated not legally, but we’ve been separated for the past six going on seven years in that time she’s had a baby with another man I’m trying to get a divorce, but the court system is saying that I have to pay child support for the child What can I do?

  4. Jeffery Campbell

    Good morning my son jeff lives in Phoenix Arizona and back in June his daughter mother moved out of town and she decided to let my granddaughter stay with her father in Phoenix for a month and he had to put her back on the airplane with the airport chaperone sent her back to Texas but he do not know where I live where they located at in Texas so in December she’s supposed have came to Phoenix for Christmas and she didn’t. Now my son had to raise money to get a lawyer to find out where his daughter is at in Texas mom to work somewhere in Texas he pay child support but this is his sixth time taking her back to court just to see his daughter can you get my son any advice on this situation and let me remind you he have joint custody of his daughter


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