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Charles Ramsey’s Criminal Past Revealed



Charles Ramsey has turned into an over night hero for rescuing three women held prisoner in a Cleveland home, but now he is receiving backlash for his criminal past which includes a history of domestic violence against his ex-wife, Rochelle. The Smoking Gun reports that Ramsey was charged with domestic violence in 1997 and pleaded no contest. In 1998, while Ramsey was awaiting sentencing, police arrested him again for domestic violence. Ramsey had failed to appear in court for a hearing tied to the first case an action that led to prison time. Ramsey served six months in prison, only to get arrested again in 2003 for domestic violence. He was then indicted on felony charges for “domestic violence with prior conviction.” In an interview with The Smoking Gun, Rochelle said that Mr Ramsey also dodged $51-per-month child support payments for the couple’s daughter.