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Charles Ramsey’s Criminal Past Revealed



Charles Ramsey has turned into an over night hero for rescuing three women held prisoner in a Cleveland home, but now he is receiving backlash for his criminal past which includes a history of domestic violence against his ex-wife, Rochelle. The Smoking Gun reports that Ramsey was charged with domestic violence in 1997 and pleaded no contest. In 1998, while Ramsey was awaiting sentencing, police arrested him again for domestic violence. Ramsey had failed to appear in court for a hearing tied to the first case an action that led to prison time. Ramsey served six months in prison, only to get arrested again in 2003 for domestic violence. He was then indicted on felony charges for “domestic violence with prior conviction.” In an interview with The Smoking Gun, Rochelle said that Mr Ramsey also dodged $51-per-month child support payments for the couple’s daughter.



  • Nyckelz N Dymez

    What does CHARLES RAMSEY criminal history have to do with anything he did the right thing and society needs not to stereotype a blackman for the actions of his past cant black people have any glory days within 2013 without being prejudice like it was in 60s and 70s also the 80s as well……… no true recognition or respect giving to ex felons or convicts for whats being done today saving someones life is a good deed and it shows that there is change within what somebody done in the past but look at what their doing now…..I commend you sir continue to do whats right and dont let anyone steal your blessings ……Continue to do whats right brother your past is where its at and your present is today for a better tomorrow of a future………

  • disqus_dQrbOmgUp2

    No need to fault this guy on his past. We have done wrong in our life at one time or another. Some mistakes stick out more than others. I knew this guy was hiding something when he saw the police lights during the interview. I believe Charles Ramsey just so happen to be outside eating Mc’D at the right time to SAVE 3 MISSING WOMEN.Charles need help with his baby mama still BUT this is no reason to take away his HERO stripes for his recent actions.

  • Towanda Savage

    Brother move forward prayfully now if therapy is needed you can get that. You did somethign honorable this time around your past is and should be just that history HIS Story go forward with God Speed. Blessing and Peace be upon your soul

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