What Not To Do On Morning Radio

Their are rules to morning radio and the DeDe in the Morning show is breaking them all! Listen and laugh as the team tears through all the things your not supposed to do on morning radio.  

Jobs Available

Every week brings new events to the city and Ms. Dianne Gibson knows exactly what’s going on! Take a listen and learn about community events, companies hiring, and assistance programs helping. All that and more with DeDe in the Morning.  

Ways You Can Improve Your Life with Lady Jade

Get your life together! We have all heard that before, Lady Jade wants you to grow and get it together so she has some tips. Take a listen and learn some ways to get your life in order like DeDe in the Morning claims she does…  

They Were Perfect Until _______________!

Fill in the blank with DeDe in the Morning They were perfect until ______________! What was the one thing that ruined the perfect person? Was it their eating habits, or the way they hung the toilet paper? Listen and laugh at these good things gone bad.  

Signs of an Immature Man

Have you ever met a man who was real playful, and kind of cute, but he turned out to be an immature little boy? Well these signs can help save you the headache listen and learn the signs of an immature man with DeDe in the Morning!  

Meagan Good and The Intruder

You know DeDe in the Morning loves to get in people’s business, and this time Meagan Good caught the questions. DeDe wanted to know about the new movie The Intruder but she also wanted to know what is was like working with Dennis Quaid and Michael Ealy. Check out this interview and the hot new… Read more »

DeDe Is The Women’s Truth Teller

You know what they say she’s not really your friend if she’s not being real with you! Let DeDe be you your best friend today, she will tell you the things you need to hear, even if it hurts. Listen, laugh and take DeDe in the Morning’s advice if you need it.    

Why You Need to Block Your Ex!

Do you block your exes on social media? Well you should and Lady Jade can tell you why, and some of the reasons you won’t want to admit to but it’s almost guaranteed you will do it. Listen, laugh, and learn how to move on with out dragging it on, only with DeDe in the… Read more »

Lori the Dream Expert with DeDe in the Morning

Your dreams can┬ámean a lot of things but we can get mixed signals, Lori the Dream Lady can tell you exactly what your dreams or nightmares mean to you. Listen and learn with DeDe in the Morning!      

You Are Doing Too Much!

A Judge sentenced Soulja Boy to an odd sentence, Donald Trump’s Wall is pointless, companies are trying to ban the high five, Drake won ALL of the awards at the Billboard Music Awards and Michael Shawn had to put himself on his own list… Listen as Mike lets all these fools know “You Are Doing… Read more »

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