We the Worst Records Presents “Food Stamps”

Too many people know the struggle including Michael Shawn, so he spent the time making a song about needing Food Stamps. Believe him when he says your not the only one who needs the extra help especially with these kids and all their snacks. Listen and laugh at We the Worst Records new banger only… Read more »

DeDe’s Hot Topics

Michael Shawn’s celebrity crush just got married, and another celebrity couple who has been together for years just broke up! Find out who Made it on DeDe in the Morning’s Hot Topics.  

DeDe’s Date Fail Mom & Sister Showed Up!

One woman was ready to move to a whole new state after going on one date with a man but now she can’t get a hold of him. According to the man that’s because her mom and her sister showed up to join their date! Find out how far this family took the conversation on… Read more »

A Mexican and a Movie Review with Key Note

The funniest comedy of the year? That what some critics are saying but before you go blow your money listen to Key Note he has A Mexican and a Movie Review just for you on the new movie “Good Boys”! Find out if this comedy is worth your cash and time only with DeDe in… Read more »

Jobs Available

School is back is session and companies are still hiring! Find out what is going on in your community, get all the information you need right here with Dianne Gibson and DeDe in the Morning.  

DeDe’s Hot Topics

You may hate watching the news but you will love listening to DeDe’s Hot Topics she can make the most frustrations topics funny and informative take a listen and find out what’s going on in this crazy world!  

Affion Crockett with DeDe in the Morning

Affion Crockett was in town all weekend long, but if you didn’t get to see him at his comedy show you can hear some real funny stuff right here with DeDe in the Morning!    

Michael Shawn says You are Doing too Much!

Michael Shawn has to let some people know YOU ARE DOING TOO MUCH! Including teachers, the DeDe in the Morning team, a woman calling cops because she was being stared at, Donald Trump and even the Sun, yes he is talking about the star that heats the Earth. Listen and laugh with DeDe in the… Read more »

DeDe’s DM Cheaters and STDs

What would you do if you found out the man you are messing with lied about being married but you lied about having herpes! A woman hit up DeDe’s DM asking for advice on what she should do now, but DeDe thinks they are both liars so they might deserve each other. Listen and let… Read more »

Know Your Slang with DeDe

DeDe in the Morning is testing your knowledge on slang, but not just you, she tested one of the ladies from the front office to see how much she knows. You have to hear her definitions of these common slang words including “thirst trap” she got some right but and others really wrong!  

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