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A Mexican and a Movie Review “Fanatic”

John Travolta has a new film and according to Key Note it is worth a watch! Travolta’s acting skills really shined in the new movie “Fanatic”. DeDe in the Morning wants to know what he rated this flick and if it is worth her time, take a listen to A Mexican and a Movie Review… Read more »

Jobs Available

Are you still looking for work? Then its time for you to listen to Ms. Dianne Gibson because she can tell you exactly where to go. There is a lot happening in your city and Ms. Community can give you all the information you need. Listen and learn what’s in store for you this week… Read more »

Hot Topics with DeDe in the Morning

Doesn’t get much hotter than this! Jerry Jones still hasn’t signed Zeke Elliot but he did sign some other guy, Kevin Hart was in a rough car accident, and DeDe is protesting “Power” until Joe is back! Listen to find out about all of these Hot Topics only with DeDe in the Morning.  

The Wife Whisperer with Rudy Rush

Rudy Rush isn’t married but he thinks he has the advice women need to know if they want to get married. Don’t be offended he thinks he is helping, but DeDe in the Morning and Lady Jade don’t think it can help any one… Listen, laugh and let us know what you think.  

We the Worst Records “Walk Your A** Home”

Michael Shawn made an anthem for men! When your girl is acting up in a car ride there is one thing you should tell her to do “Walk Your A** Home”. Check out We the Worst Records new song only on DeDe in the Morning.

Things Your Black Momma is Not!

Rudy Rush believe growing up with a black mom means we all heard these saying a few times in our life. Listen, laugh and let DeDe in the Morning know if you have ever heard your mama say these things to you when you were a kid possibly even as an adult!  

How to Know You Have a Real Relationship

DeDe in the Morning has been married for almost 10 years, but how did she know the love was real? DeDe wans to know how did you know you were in a real relationship? Check out what some our loyal listener’s sure signs were.            

Hot Topics with DeDe in the Morning

Basketball players suspended from school after a huge brawl, Popeye’s said they are done, the chicken spot says they have officially run out of chicken sandwiches, and 50 Cent is being trolled by everyone for his new theme song. Listen and laugh at all of these Hot Topics with DeDe in the Morning!  

Jobs Available

Want to know what your community has in store for you take a listen to Ms. Dianne Gibson! She can tell you about jobs, assistance programs and even events happening in your city, only on DeDe in the Morning.  

Hot Topics with DeDe in the Morning

Dallas Police Chief back on the force, Big Tex Choice Awards announced the winners of 2019, and the final season of 50 Cent’s show “Power” came on and they are going to replace the replacement! Find out about all of these Hot Topics and more with DeDe in the Morning.  

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