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Your Angry Sign with Lady Jade

Every one talks about the benefits in their horoscope but how does your zodiac sign act when your angry? Lady Jade is telling you and the team what the signs mean only on DeDe in the Morning…  

Jobs Available

Make 2019 your year! Find out about applying for a new job, or even an assistance program that can help your family get that head start. If you are looking for community events to attend take a listen and we will tell you what is happening in your city. Only on DeDe in the Morning

Michael Shawn’s Daughter is Grown!

Michael Shawn’s 15 year old daughter wants Mike to meet a boy’s parents! Mike needed some advice from DeDe in the Morning and Lady Jade about what to do with his daughter. What would you do?

DeDe’s DM Friends Gone Too Far!

Have you ever had a “friend”, that one day turned into more then that? DeDe in the Morning is trying to give advice to some one that slept with their best friend. One wants to go back to being friends but the other wants more! Do you think they will ever be able to be… Read more »

Lady Jade

When Cheaters Get Caught with Lady Jade

When cheaters get caught they all say the same thing…¬† Lady Jade can tell you exactly what cheaters say when they get busted. Listen and find out if you have ever heard¬† or used any of these excuses! Only with DeDe in the Morning  

Kids these days are dressing and acting a lot more mature but their parents aren’t! DeDe in the Morning wants to know “Do parents need a dress code?” You have to hear what our listeners had to say…    

Lady Jade

When Cheaters Get Caught with Lady Jade

If you are cheating there is always a chance you will get busted and for some reason we all tend to do the same things when we get caught. Lady Jade can tell you exactly how cheaters act when they get caught up, listen to hear if you have ever seen or done these things…

Jobs Available

There is nothing wrong with needing a helping hand, and Ms. Community can let you know exactly where to go! Find out about company’s that are hiring, and assistance programs that can help your entire family all this and more with DeDe in the Morning!

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