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The first lady not only has a wardrobe fail, she fails at………… [Listen Below]

Comedian Faizon Love Stops by

Faizon talks about his fight in the airport, African wife, and how Dave Chappelle……… [Listen Below] @faizonlove stops by @dedeinthemorning What does he think about marriage and cheating? A post shared by K104 (@k104fm) on Jun 22, 2018 at 5:33am PDT Does @faizonlove manscape his privates? Does he bang girls that go to his shows?… Read more »

Date Fail

What happens when you go on a date and talk a lot about porn……. [Listen Below]

Marriage Advice

It’s wedding season! A lot of folks are getting married this time of year but, should they be? We asked for marriage advice from our listeners. Some said that you should only get married if…….. [Listen Below]

Get In Your Biz

She works with her boyfriend but, is cheating with another guy a there job! What happens when………….. [Listen Below]

Listener Voicemails

We want to know what everyone thinks of us! Why not let the world know to! The Good, the bad, and the……… [Listen Below]

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TI cant seem to keep his hands to himself. His children are not too happy about it, so they decided to……….. [Listen Below]

DeDe And The Kid

DeDe’s very awkward around children. So she decided to interview a 5 year old. Things start out great but become uncomfortable when………. [Listen Below]

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