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A Mexican and a Movie Review

Have you heard about the new movie Captain Marvel?  How about Madea’s Family Funeral? Have you heard if it is good or not? Key Note can tell you with a Mexican and a Movie Review! Take a listen and find out if these movies are worth your money only with DeDe in the Morning…

Barbershop Talk with Michael Shawn “It’s Over!”

When did you know the relationship was over? That was the question Michael Shawn asked the guys and the answers will surprise you! Find out if the relationship you are in is over on Barbershop Talk with DeDe in the Morning!  

DeDe’s Date Fail : Failed Test

Do you ever test peoples character? This guy has a test to make sure he isn’t dating a “Gold Digger” but it was clear to see he failed his own test on this date… Find out what happen on DeDe’s Date Fail!

Top Lies Women Tell with Michael Shawn

After Lady Jade gave a list of top lies men tell Michael Shawn had to have the men’s back! He came up with a list of top lies women tell… Take a listen to find out if you are telling these lies or having them told to you and let us know who do you… Read more »

Lady Jade

The Top Lies Men Tell

Lady Jade has the list of top lies men tell. Take a listen to see if you have ever told these lies or even had them told to you! Only on DeDe in the Morning…  

Reasons You Can’t Date Someone

We all have a “type”, you know that list of qualities you look for in some one you want to date, but what is that one thing that completely turns you off? Fill in the blank ” I could never date some one who______!” DeDe in the Morning asked her listeners and some of the… Read more »

Lady Jade

How To Know They Are Thinking About You

Do you want to know if the person you like is actually thinking about you? Lady Jade can let you know! These are the signs to look for to know if some one is thinking about you… Listen and laugh only with DeDe in the Morning!  

Don’t Text Your Ex Instead Do This…

Don’t do it! Texting your ex is not the right thing to do, instead of texting them check out this list and keep yourself from making a huge mistake all over again… Only with DeDe in the Morning!    

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