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Puerto Rico In Recovery

DeDe’s Hot Topics: Puerto Rico is in complete darkness after Hurricane Maria. What are the hip hop police? Is 2 Pac still alive….[Listen Below]

A Prank Gone Wrong

Lady Jade’s Aunt Ann has cursed out DeDe in the Morning plenty of times. This time she got “gangster” on an automated voice system…[Listen Below]

Relationship Breakers

What are some things that cause the most problems between you and your significant other? DeDe in the Morning give you the top 10 relationship breakers…[Listen Below]

I Haven’t Learned My Lesson Yet

What the Hell Are You Doing At the Courthouse: Anonymous has been to the courthouse multiple times but this time he got caught with weed. While sitting outside at his friends house, the cops rolled up then…[Listen Below]

Trump Speaks Reckless

DeDe’s Hot Topics: Donald Trumps speaks reckless to North Korea while Hilary Clinton responds. Jay Z turns down super bowl half time performance and more pictures of Kevin Hart have been released…[Listen Below]

I Want Your Pass Code

DeDe’s DM: A listener said the Kevin Hart situation has her worried about her man. She doesn’t know why he won’t give her the lock code to is phone. If you are in a serious relationship, why do people lock their phones…[Listen Below]

Jobs Available

Do you know someone who is looking for a job? Miss Community, Diane Gibson has the latest on job openings in the DFW. [Listen Below]

Conspiracy Theories

DeDe in the Morning says there are a lot of conspiracies that are talked about. Is the earth really flat, do aliens exist? What conspiracies do you believe in…[Listen Below]

DeDe’s Rough Feet

After 7 years of being married DeDe in the Morning’s husband is still tired of her extremely rough feet. He finally decided to let her know…[Listen Below]

Kevin Hart Caught Cheating

Kevin Harts has been caught cheating with a mistress. Over the weekend he issued a public apology to his pregnant wife and children. Do you think she should take him back? [Listen Below]

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