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She Made Me Smell Bad

Tricking with Tre has gone wrong again! Tre G loves the hood chicks but this one might be a little too cheap for his taste. Tre always wears the good, expensive cologne so he smells his best, well his last chick bought him some off-brand cologne that he can’t stand, but he doesn’t know how… Read more »

Women Being Raised As Men

Are women being raised as men? Are families failing because more women are focusing on their careers? According to Bishop TD Jakes, women are no longer being raised as women! Find out what DeDe in the Morning thinks and what other listeners had to say about this controversial topic.      

Jobs Available

Everyone is hiring you can get a new job on the spot, you can get your rent and utilities paid, if you’re a homeowner and need house repairs they can do that too, and if you need an air conditioner you definitely want to listen to what Ms. Dianne has for you. Find out more… Read more »

Hot Topics

A seal attacked a woman, Fivio Foreign signed a record deal for 5 grand and the church is using Beyonce’s Break My Soul! Get your Hot Topics with DeDe in the Morning.  

Lyrically Correct Game

DeDe in the Morning loves to play games and this one will test your music knowledge! Check out Lyrically Correct and see if you can get them all right.  

Jobs Available

Not only can you get your mortgage paid, but you can get your electric bill paid too! Don’t suffer in this heat if you need a new a.c. unit you can get one for free and if you’re looking for a new job those are available too. Find out more with Ms. Community and DeDe… Read more »

Miss Community Is Paying Bills

The city is paying your electric bill and giving away free air conditioners. You can also get tickets to see Tracy Morgan or Keith Sweat and all you have to do is donate a brand new box fan, there is going to be a pop-up health clinic for you to get the shots you need…. Read more »

Cardi P’s Hip-Hop Horoscopes

This week’s Hip-Hop Horoscopes are all about being broke, love-making, plastic surgery, and your hairy girlfriend! Get your laugh on with DeDe in the Morning.  

Metrosexual Or Rough Man

There is a difference between a man that likes to take care of himself and a metrosexual. Some women are into men that are all the way metrosexual but others do not play that, they want their man rough, and rugged. DeDe in the Morning wants to know what type of man you like! Listen,… Read more »

Jobs Available

Texas is hot! If you need to cool down and hydrate you have to check out the cooling stations at parks and recreation centers. The city is paying utility bills so you can keep your a.c. running. Plus there are job fairs happening, get information on all of that and so much more with DeDe… Read more »

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