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We have work, assistance, and job information just for you! Ms. Community wants to help you and your family out, just listen to find out how your city can support you…

Kids Aren’t kids Anymore!

Michael Shawn is a proud father of his three baby girls, but according to his daughters they aren’t babies any more! Listen and laugh at how Mike Shawn figured out his kids aren’t kids any more… Only with DeDe in the Morning!

Hot Topics

Dallas police officer finally fired, Nick Cannon and Kanye West are beefing and now Ray J has joined in, and Mariah Carey wants to dominate the Super Bowl… Find out about all these hot stories and more with DeDe In the Morning’s Hot Topics! [Click, listen, and laugh!]


What’s hot and happening in the news? Get what you need to know from DeDe in the Morning and her Hot Topics! Tiger Woods is being a player again! Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones will win by any means necessary, and Will Smith for president?! Find out more click and listen…


Why is it so hard for a man to commit to a relationship? Michael Shawn had some “Barbershop Talk” with the boys and now he is afraid to get remarried! Listen to find out why these men say they can’t get commited and why some women think they won’t commit… Only with DeDe in the… Read more »

DeDe Launches

The DeDe McGuire Foundation creates stronger families & communities by strengthening the role of women & mothers in the families. View this post on Instagram Smiling because tonight is special! The official launch of the #DeDeMcGuireFoundation is finally here 🎉 A post shared by DeDe McGuire Foundation (@dedemcguirefoundation) on Sep 13, 2018 at 4:23pm PDT… Read more »

Listener Voice

Some people love us and others, not so much. DeDe in the Morning take calls from our listeners who don’t like her… [Listen Below]

DeDe’s DM

Her boyfriend is a up and coming comedian. His comedy specialty is funny insults. He loves to practice his material on her at home. When the insults get to be too much……….. [Listen Below]

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