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Listener Voice

Some people love us and others, not so much. DeDe in the Morning take calls from our listeners who don’t like her… [Listen Below]

DeDe’s DM

Her boyfriend is a up and coming comedian. His comedy specialty is funny insults. He loves to practice his material on her at home. When the insults get to be too much……….. [Listen Below]

We The Worst Records

So, they changed the laws concerning food stamps! The streets is talkin and Michael is here to drop some new heat on the topic. If you thought Drake had hits then……… [Listen Below]

What The Hell You Doin At The Courthouse?

Lady Jade loves kids, Christ and crime! There’s plenty of crime around the court house and Jade finds it! What happens when she speaks with a man leaving jail after…….. [Listen Below]

Jobs Available

Looking for a job? Well if you are then you need to peep this. They are looking for people who can handle big…….. [Listen Below]

Hot Topics

Jada Pinkett Smith get a little too open about her sex life when………. [Listen Below]

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