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DeDe’s Hot Topics

DeDe’s Hot Topics: The man who was shot by Mesquite police explains the cruelty that really happened. IPhone users become upset with Apple’s issues. DeDe gives 6 words that women hate the most…[Listen Below]

Hole in the Wall

There are some amazing hole in the wall spots here in the DFW. Which one is the best kept secret? [Listen Below]

DeDe’s Voicemail

DeDe in the Morning has a new voicemail feature on the show. If there is something you like or dislike, or maybe you have questions, leave a voicemail. One listener said…[Listen Below]

DeDe’s Hot Topics

DeDe’s Hot Topics: Dallas assistant D.A apologizes for her drunk behavior. R Kelly is being blasted for bullying and autistic fan. [Listen Below]

We The Worst Records

Aayyye! It’s “We The Worst Wednesday!” Michael Shawn has a brand new hit that people are going crazy over. Here’s his new joint called, “Pop tart.” [Listen Below]

Mama Don’t Play

What the Hell Are You Doing At the Courthouse: Tavoya got into an altercation at Wal-Mart after someone hit her son with a basket. She said she was walking and minding her business, then…[Listen Below]

DFW’s Most Talented

There are some pretty talented people here in the DFW. In this weeks edition of “DFW’s Most Talented,” powered by Drop The Mic, it’s Lady Jade’s contestant Chad B with the bars against Michael Shawn’s pick Lowkey…[Listen Below]

Did You Keep Your Ring

Porshe’ from the Real Housewives of Atlanta still wears her wedding ring after being divorced for four years. After your divorce, what did you do with your wedding ring? [Listen Below]

Hot Topics

DeDe’s Hot Topics: A floor caves in at a UNT homecoming party and the Cowboys take another loss…[Listen Below]

Types of Women Not To Date

There are a lot of single guys looking for a relationship in the DFW. DeDe in the Morning gives you a list of women men should not date…[Listen Below]

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