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Let DeDe Get in Your Business

You know a relationship can go through a lot in 14 years, DeDe wanted to know the juicy details from anonymous about her marriage that ended in divorce. Listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning!  

Advice for Seniors

The end of the school year is near and a lot of seniors think are grown and ready to make big decisions, but DeDe in the Morning and team has some advice seniors might need to hear!      

Lyrics Gone Theater

DeDe love music, drama and games so she put them all together! Check out this dramatic reading of lyrics and you be the judge of who won this round. Listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning…  

Jobs Available

Everybody is hiring! Find out what companies are looking for you with Miss Dianne Gibson. Jobs, assistance, and community events are happening, get all the information you need with DeDe in the Morning!    

Ghetto Boy’s Bushwick Bill with DeDe in the Morning

The Legendary Bushwick Bill is in the building with DeDe in the Morning! He wants to inform everyone about his life threatening health condition, and lift our hearts and spirits with a moving message and great stories about working with the Ghetto Boys…      

Hot Topics

If you hate watching the news but you need to know what’s going on? Check out DeDe in the Morning’s Hot Topics she can fill you in on the hottest stories happening right now!  

What Not To Do On Morning Radio

Their are rules to morning radio and the DeDe in the Morning show is breaking them all! Listen and laugh as the team tears through all the things your not supposed to do on morning radio.  

Jobs Available

Every week brings new events to the city and Ms. Dianne Gibson knows exactly what’s going on! Take a listen and learn about community events, companies hiring, and assistance programs helping. All that and more with DeDe in the Morning.  

Ways You Can Improve Your Life with Lady Jade

Get your life together! We have all heard that before, Lady Jade wants you to grow and get it together so she has some tips. Take a listen and learn some ways to get your life in order like DeDe in the Morning claims she does…  

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