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Jobs Available

Are you looking for work then you definitely need to listen to this! Ms. Dianne Gibson knows what’s going on in your hood from jobs, to assistance programs, and even community events. Get the scoop on your city with DeDe in the Morning  

Your Dog and You

Did you know the type of dog you have says a lot about your personality. Some people even say people and their dogs look alike. Listen, laugh, and learn what type of person you are based on your dog, with DeDe in the Morning    

Can’t Get Over His Ex!

If your in the dating game but you don’t want to be played you need to listen to Rudy Rush, he wants to let the ladies know ways to tell a man isn’t over his ex! Ladies take a listen and learn and guys y’all better figure out how to get over her because she… Read more »

Hot Topics

Donald Trump is still catching headlines, Kim and Kanye are trying to help ASAP Rocky get out of jail, a man climbed 15 stories up the side of a burning building to help his mom, and Bow Wow called his ex Ciara a B****! Find out about all these Hot Topics with DeDe in the… Read more »

Parent’s Favorite Kid

DeDe in the Morning is trying to cause controversy in your house! If you are a parent of multiple kids, would you admit to having a favorite kid? The key word is admit because we are pretty sure all parents have a favorite. Listen, laugh and drop a comment your kids won’t see it…  

New VS Old Names

How often do you hear old school names like Agnus, Bertha, Maybell, or even Wilmer? DeDe in the Morning noticed that no one names their kids like they used to after the year 2000 names got real new. Listen and drop a comment. What is a new name you know of?  

WTH You Doing at the Courthouse?!

Lady Jade always gets the best stories when she asks “WTH You Doing at the Courthouse?!” and this story didn’t disappoint either. We have all heard about people putting money on others people’s books, you know for commissary, but have you ever heard of someone taking money off of their books? Listen and laugh with… Read more »

DeDe Can’t Quit the Meat

Some one is trying to convince DeDe to quit eating red meat. Well DeDe in the Morning lied and said she could do it! Now Lady Jade is trying to convince her that she can do it. Listen, laugh and learn if DeDe can change her ways…  

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